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Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands

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If you want to take any outfit to the next level, a stylish luxury watch is an excellent way to achieve your goal.

By wearing a luxury watch, you demonstrate a keen eye for craftsmanship and quality. You will with one of these 10 timeless brands, either new or secondhand.

Luxury watches have long been considered sleek accessory that signals success and class, undeniably one of the reasons why the luxury watch market is booming. We will dig into this success and explore 10 leading brands for you to keep an eye on.

Why Luxury Watch Market Is Booming

The luxury watch market has been thriving in 2022. Indeed, demand has outweighed supply, creating a significant waiting list at many luxury watch companies. This is partly due to their undeniable beauty and style. However, there is the added benefit of luxury watches retaining value. You know that when you are buying a quality watch, its value is unlikely to diminish. So purchasing a high-quality fashion piece can result in a long-term investment for your elevated wardrobe and wallet.

Top 10 Luxury Brands

Some labels made the history of fashion so they are well-known on a global scale. We are going to explore the 10 luxury brands that are fuelling this market boom, from outstanding names to niche treasure.


Rolex is arguably the most famous luxury watch brand in the world, and this iconic reputation means their watches often increase in value over time. By purchasing a pre-owned Rolex watch, you can invest in a quality asset that also looks spectacular!


Omega has been producing luxury watches for over 170 years. Originating in Switzerland, this brand is famed for combining luxury with practicality, allowing you to use your watch in all sorts of different environments.


Tissot is famous for its sponsorship of the NBA. This brand is obsessed with accurate timing and makes for a precise luxury watch.


Chopard is one of the few family-owned luxury watch businesses. Also originating from Switzerland, this brand can offer you a more niche luxury watch.


Piaget is famous for making thin luxury watches. Indeed, their offers have set records for the thinnest watches on the market. With a range of colours available, Piaget offers some of the most eye-catching watches on the market.

Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron is the oldest Swiss watch manufacturer. However, the brand combines this with forward-thinking, offering many futuristic watches.


Hublot offers eclectic watches, fusing different metals, rubbers and ceramics to offer you a different kind of luxury watch.


Cartier is famous for high-end jewellery, but their timepieces are also some of the most distinctive and stylish available.


If you want a socially conscious watch, Nordgreen is the brand for you. With a minimalist design and carbon-neutral production process, this is a watch that comes with no guilt.


Montblanc only started making watches in 1997, but their craftsmanship has seen them vault upwards in the industry.

Luxury watches can elevate your style and by picking any brand above, you will most likely be delighted with your purchase. Consider your luxury watch as something to pass to the next generation or as an investment for the future if you opt for a secondhand rarity with a story behind it.

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