Tuesday, 13 September 2022

Nadia Chellaoui A/W23 Handcrafted Handbag Collection

Written by Lola Cisowski
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Artist and leatherworker Nadia Chellaoui presents the lookbook of her Autumn/Winter 2023 handbag collection, inspired by her country and her childhood memories.

The colours, the scents, and the memories of a country live in Nadia Chellaoui's Moroccan-infused handbags. A colourful collection for Autumn/Winter23.

Nadia Chellaoui: Inspiration and Moroccan Heritage

Consumed by her passion and creativity, Nadia Chellaoui is one of a kind when it comes to her Moroccan painting style, bringing unique identity and codes to every piece.

The face, the iconic signature and emblem of the brand, has become a symbol of freedom and self-expression. Inspired by painters such as Modigliani and Picasso, Nadia Chellaoui recognises her visual and pictorial references, saying that the face represents a specific state of mind that she praises ever since she was a young girl:

"The face for me, represents a sort of social escape, a state of mind that gives me the strength to assume my singularity, my culture and my emotions."

Nadia Chellaoui's Signature Design

The designs of the bags were mainly inspired by the artist’s early childhood memories. Ever since she was a baby, she has been immersed in a world full of colours and punctuated by scents, Nadia Chellaoui recalls her, as a child, contemplating her grandmother while she was embroidering. This face is the artist's point of view of a world full of perceptions and inspirations.

"The bag symbolises escape, travel and passage ... It’s about having the opportunity to transport my pictorial point of view through an accessory that symbolises femininity, and that at least for me, it’s a necessity " says Nadia.

How Nadia Chellaoui Handbags Come to Be

A cocktail of her Moroccan culture, her attraction for cubism and her passion for colours, give birth to her bag, a synonym of struggle and fragility. Sketch by sketch, her imagination overflows. Nadia Chellaoui creates many models to connect with a wider audience and communicate a message of love and freedom.

Each bag has a strong identity, giving the consumer the power to experience, during a trip, a self-confidence shift and a new point of view on the things that surround him or her.

Handcrafted by women who have kept the Moroccan heritage alive through the centuries, the brand's signature is the shape of a face that is pre-drawn and then filled with a carefully chosen selection of coloured threads. The shades reflect, sparkle and highlight the leather. A wide range of colours is chosen with a similar method as the one used by the painters. For the first time in Moroccan embroidery, modern art is mixed with historical heritage: a new style is born.

Leather: the art of Moroccan leatherworkers

A strict selection of the best leather and craftmanship traditions is made beforehand when the choice is carefully selected by the artist. The assembly of different materials is a tribute to her favourite painter Picasso who associated pre-existing elements to make his works of art unique. Nadia uses this technique by creating geometric shapes and mixing materials.

Nadia Chellauoi does not simply mean well-crafted, artisanal accessories but the sum of centuries of traditions, tastes and meanings. Not luxury handbags but unique creations that belong to a Country and those who love travelling with their minds wide-open.

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