Friday, 30 September 2022

EENK Explores the Frontiers with W for S/S23

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EENK created a show for an adventurous exploration crossing eras and summed in a single letter for its Spring/Summer23 collection: W.

South Korean designer Lee Hyemee, known for her love for bold statements, presented her latest womenswear collection, simply 'W'.

About the Collection: W S/S23 by EENK

For SS23, EENK presented W for WWW (World Wild West), a collection inspired by the pioneering spirit of the old Wild West as a metaphor for exploring uncharted territory across the globe. The mystique of the Western frontier represented by the Gold Rush Era, the Jazz Age, the Belle Epoque, and the Roaring Twenties, has captivated our imagination from the Far East into a collection of optimistic freedom and spectacle of the great adventure.

For the first show in Paris, the South Korean ready-to-wear brand EENK presented its collection at the Palais de Tokyo with a Live performance by Carla Bruni and famous fashion stylist and creative consultant Malina Joseph Gilchrist collaborating with the brand for this first Parisian event.

About W Aesthetics

The collection draws inspiration from menswear and womenswear archives of the era into a more elegant, streamlined collection for the modern woman who loves challenge. From East to West to beyond, W for WWW is ready to bring the EENK spirit to a global stage. In this collection, you will find flowing coats and slim-line dresses with unmissable fringes which wink at the lawless Wild West and the frenzy '20s.

Hyemee's designs have no boundaries within fashion categories and naturally reflect her extensive experiences as a designer. In the age of fast fashion and endless cycles of trends, EENK aims to bring collectables instead of disposables into the client's personal archives.

About the Designer: EENK and Lee Hyemee

EENK was created by South Korean designer Lee Hyemee, beloved for her boldness and passion which crosses from fashion to art to lifestyle. Hyemee has an exciting and diverse background as a designer, and her career spanned women's wear & men's wear, children's wear, textile, and accessories.

Hyemee Lee, under her label EENK, has launched 'The Letter Project’ which presents unique design items with keywords designated for each alphabet letter from A to Z.

Saving A for the finale, EENK has so far presented B (for Beanie), C (for Clutch/Cap), D (for Darling), E (for Earring), F (for Fedora), G (for Gold), H (for Handbag), I (for Iphonecase) and has recently launched a new apparel line with concepts I (for Indigo) & J (for Jean), and now K (for Knit) for the new season.

The Letter Project will continue until it hits Z, and then will come back to A to present a total collection of EENK - A for All, A for Archive.

Explore the Western frontiers and the letter of the fashion alphabet with EENK online.

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