Sunday, 09 October 2022

NEHERA's Easy-going Spring/Summer23 Collection

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Spring is really a breath of fresh air for maison NEHERA, which embraces sustainability and challenges social conceptions with its Spring/Summer 23 collection.

With its timeless signature, NEHERA launches an S/S23 womenswear collection that is a statement for the uncomplicated, the easygoing and the effortless.


“Your shirt is too low. Your pants are too masculine. In fact, don’t wear pants. Dress feminine. That’s too much. Don’t show your midriff. Show your shoulders. Cover up. You’re too dressed down. You’re too dressed up. Loosen up. Wear some colour. That’s too much colour.”

NEHERA S/S23: the Concept

Femininity has been constantly subjected to power judgments, whether through social norms or sartorial verdicts. This made us, people, doubt, overanalyse, and overthink what we put on.

Furthering NEHERA’s foundation in tailoring, the collection introduces easy to operate wardrobe, mentally friendly and physically enjoyable. The narrative arc of the collection is liberating the Woman from the tyranny of sartorial judgements and verdicts to empower freedom and self-expression.

About the Collection: NEHERA S/S23

The garments are self-evident, speaking and leading the Woman to unforced stylings as well as offering choice and versatility. The palette is urban, confidently exploring colour blocking. The Spring/Summer creations by Slovak historical maison NEHERA comprise coordinated monochromatic looks that range from understated hues to bold colours. No hesitation or second thoughts. Exploiting the brand’s experience and passion for tailoring, the collection is smoothly assembling sophisticated, deconstructed styles into simple, comfortable suits.

Juraj Straka for NEHERA

The print of the collection is the result of a collaboration with an artist based in Antwerp and born in Bratislava, Juraj Straka, who digitalises his painting to create a powerful pattern. Having grown up in Slovakia, collaborating with him was a natural and happy choice for Nehera. Having already collaborated for Schiaparelli and Dries van Noten, he comes this season to deliver his knowledge to the house Nehera.

About the Maison: NEHERA

NEHERA is an independent Slovak brand that revived the heritage of the famous Czechoslovak brand that flourished in the 1930s and made history worldwide in the integration of design, production, and retail. The artisanal tradition of the Czechoslovak textile industry goes back to the first ready-to-wear factory established in 1868, in mainland Europe in Prostejov, the Moravian hometown of Jan Nehera.

NEHERA shows us how luxury can live with sustainability, an uncompromising principle of this historical fashion house. NEHERA’s vision of sustainability encompasses all its dimensions: environmental, social, and economic at the same time.

With the upcoming season S/S23, NEHERA makes a statement that high fashion does not need to be mentally exhausting, it can be easygoing yet elegant, simple yet erudite.

Browse the newest collection online on NEHERA's website and find inspiration for the easy-chic and urban Woman.

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