Thursday, 13 October 2022

Tran Hung is Back on the LFW with His S/S23 Collection

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Tran Hung

For Spring/Summer 2023 Tran Hung makes his return to London following two years of the Covid19 pandemic. Season S/S23 will be well remembered by the Vietnamese designer: it marks a milestone in his career as an official member of the London Fashion Week schedule.

Tran Hung made a comeback to the London Fashion Week with his blooming Spring/Summer 23 Collection, and the occasion to express all his gratitude.

Tran Hung took the opportunity offered by his first scheduled London Fashion Week show after the pandemic to extend gratitude to clients, partners and all supporters of the brand in the UK that have helped the brand to reach these milestones.

About the Collection: Tran Hung Spring/Summer 23

The concept for Tran's Spring/Summer 23 collection is taken from nature's romantic florals with inspiration ranging from classic roses to poppies and chrysanthemums, the collection brings together the beauty and colour palette of Spring and Summer blossoms. The sleek silhouettes introduce a sexy and elegant take, while being paired alongside the exquisite craftsmanship and handling of opulent materials it creates a collection synonymous with Tran Hung’s recognisable style.

As well as presenting his ready-to-wear womenswear, this season also sees the launch of Tran Hung’s luxury menswear line, with elegant and modern style being held at the forefront of the collection. Women's and men's creations succeed one another on the catwalk perfectly tuned with recalling patterns and nuances.

About the Designer: Tran Hung

Founded in 2016, Tran Hung's label is a beloved creation born in a relatively young country in the fashion world: Vietnam.

Young but with a recognisable style, Tran Hung takes inspiration from the women in his life, empowered women dedicated to feminism and freedom. Tran Hung, as a fashion brand, is highly appreciated in its homeland and it made clear its integrity and mentality.

Tran Hung for Sustainable Fashion

Tran Hung is proud of his origins, proud to be a Vietnamese fashion brand working towards developing an ethical and sustainable fashion house (internal link to The designer continues to pave the way sustainably in Vietnam and contribute to a more sustainable fashion future with this Spring/Summer 23 collection. The use of high-quality and environmentally friendly materials are prevalent in Tran’s collections, with Vietnam silk, tulle and taffeta building the base of his signature fabrics. 90% of the raw materials that Tran Hung uses are environmentally friendly and ethically sourced, as well as excess fabric saved from landfill. Alongside this, all of Tran Hung’s designs are completely handcrafted with high-quality Swarovski and Miyuki beads.

Back on the Catwalk and on the Social: Tran Hung for TikTok Vietnam

This season Tran Hung once again collaborates with TikTok Vietnam. TikTok has become the go-to platform (internal link for fashion brands to express themselves and with that said, Tran Hung continues to share his inspiration with TikTok for S/S23. Tran Hung presents his 9th collection as part of London Fashion Week both physically and digitally via TikTok.

Follow Tran Hung's return to the scenes on his Instagram (link to, TikTok ( accounts, and discover his creations on Tran Hung's website (link to

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