Monday, 17 October 2022

BESFXXK Spring/Summer 23 Collection

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The S/S23 BESFXXK collection was inspired by clothing items themselves, taken for an out-of-the-ordinary treatment.

Take some classics and twist them so that you cannot recognise them as the same. BESFXXK S/S 23 collection is to make a scene.

About the Collection: BESFXXK Spring/Summer 23

Making a selection of specific garments becomes BESFXXK's starting point from which to start playing with clothing in terms of styling, colours, fabrics and variation. These pieces come from a de-constructing and re-constructing procedure of classic and bon-ton garments, twisted based on current trends. For the coming season, BESFXXK takes some good old classics like '60s balloon skirts, smoking blazers, and trench coats and it gives them an audacious personality with cropped lines, exaggerated sizes and wild ruffles.

About BESFXXK: Designers and Style

The fashion designers behind BESFXXK are Jae Hyuk Lim & Bona Kim, who studied at the Royal College of Arts In London and at the London College of Fashion respectively. Together they launched BESFXXK in 2017, a play of the words 'bespoke' + 'f*****d up', and it is pronounceable as /bi’s fak/.

BESFXXK experiments with fashion by dissecting and mixing designs, melting the timeline of fashion. The result of this unorthodox approach is an edgy and playful but wearable wardrobe

Find more about BESFXXK's style online and on its Instagram account.

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