Monday, 31 October 2022

Pre-Loved and Rental at Circular Fashion Platform LABELL-D

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LABELL-D launches more options to share the love for fashion and the environment. The world’s first closed-loop fashion ecosystem allows consumers to buy new and pre-loved clothing, rent, repair and resell, all on one platform.

Circular fashion platform LABELL-D just added Pre-Loved and Rental options for its consumers to build a green fashion ecosystem.


About LABELL-D and The Closed-loop Fashion Ecosystem

LABELL-D grew to be the world’s first closed-loop fashion ecosystem. The online platform is focused on building a more responsible solution for the fashion industry by prolonging the life cycle of each garment, curating quality collections from established and emerging brands and keeping products in circulation for longer by encouraging consumers to buy a mix of new and pre-loved, rent, repair and resell – all on one platform. The circular model prioritises ease of use, turning purchases into assets by allowing consumers to earn a return on initial investment while reducing their environmental impact.

LABELL-D Launches Pre-Loved

LABELL-D’s Pre-Loved selection features a range of products from established brands including Balenciaga, along with covetable newcomers CLOSED, Veja and Shoreditch SkiClub. All Pre-Loved items have been carefully selected for quality, and they include a mix of pre-loved styles and never worn samples which are available on the same platform as LABELL-D’s new fashion for purchase. The Pre-Loved offer will expand to include peer-to-peer fashion from early January 2023.

LABELL-D users will also be able to rent high-quality and beautiful products through the same platform, making fashion even more affordable and easier than ever before. To complete the circular product offering, a repair option will be available on the platform in December.

All products purchased on LABELL-D have a unique digital label, a tool that helps customers return, rent out or resell the item, actively turning the product into an asset. This unique label also allows users to book repairs and alterations through the same system. As the product offering expands, each product uploaded to the platform will be assigned a unique label to allow for full access to the circular economy

Julia Vendramin, LABELL-D founder and CEO, says: “after many years in fashion, it became clear to us that there is a hole in the market and consumers are wanting to buy more responsibly and the best way to do this is to buy differently – to start buying second hand, start renting for occasions you need an outfit or item for single wear. By mixing different channels and products this is where we can really reduce the impact on the environment and create a closed-loop fashion ecosystem. LABELL-D is about shifting the way we consume fashion. The unique digital label allows the platform to address any possible needs for each product, from reselling to repairing or rental. I’m a consumer firsthand, and part of our goal in creating LABELL-D was to make it easier to shift between these different channels instead of having thousands of options that you need to shift between if you want to resell an item that doesn’t work for you and isn’t returning its value or if you need an outfit for a specific occasion that you won’t wear again.”

Nicolas Vendramin, her partner and co-founder, adds “LABELL-D for us is about solving the pain point for the customer. We have seen purchasing patterns shifting and we see that consumers love fashion and they want a different way of doing things. LABELL-D provides the tools to make this shift by making it easy for the consumer to shift their habits from what we do now to a more sustainable way with a one-stop technology solution. It has the added benefit of turning purchases into assets which can be rented or sold on – over the past few years, fast fashion has become more ubiquitous, when the focus should be on choosing something beautiful and high quality, keeping and using this again and again, and if you find it’s no longer giving the same return on investment in terms of re-wearing, selling it on to someone else who will use and love it, or renting it out to other consumers.”

Through LABELL-D, you can change the world without changing a thing and extend the life of fashion in a green loop.

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