Friday, 11 November 2022

AW22/23 Designer Purses’ Trends

Written by Valentina Chirico
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Valentino Garavani

AW22/23 Designer Purses’ Trends: Be Inspired by the Runway

As you adapt your style to the colder months and switch your seasonal wardrobe, you might want to update your beloved accessories as well. Look no further, find inspiration from the AW22/23 catwalk trends and your next designer purse.

Essential fashion complement par excellence, your bag needs to match the season. Find your inspiration from these 10 AW22/23 designer purses' runway trends.

It could be the result of all the time spent indoors watching series and craving to resume social life with its glitz and fun, that fashion shows have been particularly lively during Autumn/Winter 22/23 and Spring presentations. This means, rich in inspiration and nostalgic flashes for us as we approach the definitive wardrobe change. Women's purses contain their world and reflect their style too, so what about the bags we will see in the streets in Autumn and Winter time?

10 AW22/23 Designer Purses Trends to StealTop runway shows are a good indicator of what is going to be trending.

Here are the 10 AW22/23 signature bag trends, from audacious shapes to expanded colour palettes with jolly notes like Maison Valentino collaboration with Pantone Colour Institute™, the leading expert in everything about colours, from which a new shade was born: PINK PP with a matching series of Valentino Garavani designer bags for women.

Attention, please: the catwalk saw plenty of contrasts. Too big, too micro; too ‘everyday’, too extra(vagant); you name it. Everyone has their cup of tea here.

Sparkles and Infinite Shine

This Autumn/Winter 22/23 your bag will announce your arrival with blinding rays of light. Designers turned on the lights with a blast of silver and gold, metallic hues, rhinestones and sequins: a tasty appetiser of the party season. Maison Valentino has sprinkled an emerald Valentino Garavani VSLING with Swarowski crystals, dressing this mini top handle bag in a new opulent gown; while Versace has opted for a special leather treatment for a succulent, glossy finish.

Style Envelopes

We foresee slender lines for these colder months with slim pouches and their professional appeal. You can handle all your business with just one hand or opt for the very essentials. A thin envelope like Valentino Garavani Rockstud Pouch in leather by Maison Valentino shows that, on certain occasions, it is better to leave home the unnecessary and focus on yourself.

Studs for the Winter Biker

Rocker ladies rule the season and their dress code is black seasoned with studs, spikes, chains and zippers. You always start with one or a couple of studs, but they look so natural on black leather that your bag will soon be covered in them, from handle to strap. Sizes do not matter for Valentino: the eponymous fashion house has covered a micro Valentino Garavani Rockstud bag in golden studs – a signature of this collection – so the small do not fear the big.

Arty Touch

Designers freewheeled through the creational process landing in an arty place where handbags are distorted visions, familiar objects or wrapped in graphics. A retro print, like this VLogo archive manifesto print pouch from Maison Valentino, sounds more palatable if carrying a Judith Leiber X Katie Perry mushroom-shaped handbag is not part of your five-a-day.

Maxi and Slouchy

Some people like big portions and an XL size for their handbags. Shoppers, tote and shoulder bags with loose silhouettes claimed their high status (and space) on the catwalk and they provide a fashion-safe option for those who would carry their whole house with them if they only could. Slouchy might not sound that polished but it is editor-approved like this relaxed Valentino Garavani Rockstud tote bag.


If small is not enough, one is definitely not. Women's purses for Autumn/Winter 22/23 are welcome to be 'multi': multi-opening, multi-comparted or simply more than one. Yes for playful pouches with many folds like a soft accordion or bags with attached mini purses.

Mini and Micro

This is so Y2K! When pop stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were climbing the charts with catchy tunes and skimpy dresses, everything was mini, so the handbags of the new millennium were. The bags for the Autumn/Winter season are mini and even micro, giving you a hard time getting ready but plenty of opportunities to steal the scene. Many fashion houses shrank in size losing nothing in their beauty: see how the miniature size of Valentino Garavani Mini One Stud or Prada Cleo Mini bags makes them more adorable.


On the opposite side of maxi shoppers, you will find boxes: top-handle handbags resembling miniatures cubic suitcases and vanity cases with metal fittings and clasps. We have some rather vague memories from the '90s. They might not be among the most long-lived fashion items from the grudge decade but they deserved this comeback and some attention.

Safety Clutch

The situation feels safe and under control when you hold a clutch, this is why it is a sure presence this Autumn. Clutches' versatility makes them the perfect canvas to explore the contrasting colour palette of the season. For Pantone Colour Institute™, we have the explosive energy of its lava red, Samoan Sun and Rose Violet – of which Pink PP is a manifestation – and the calming hues of Chisel Stone and Artic Wolf. Like too big/too small, your clutch can be as vivid or as comforting as you want.

Just that Y2K Nostalgia

Every celeb, pop icon and model or girl next door had a tiny shoulder bag at armpit level back in the noughties. The Y2K style is in full revival, although not that far in time. The moderate nostalgic will enjoy a Y2K-inspired mini clutch like the XS clutches proposed by Valentino Garavani, but those who want to fully embrace these aesthetics will enjoy the witty texture of a plushy Jaquemus Le Bambidou or play with prints on prints – houndstooth, tweed and checks as seen in Dior and Chanel shows.

At a first sight, handbags trends for Autumn and Winter 2022/23 look far apart and hard to conciliate. This apparent contrast seen on the runway is more likely the condensation of the common desires repressed for too long now bursting into the joy of doing, living, wearing something apparently ‘too’ much but completely ours.