Tuesday, 07 February 2023

Top bodysuit trends of the year

Written by Julia Evans
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There was a time when, for some people, the mere mention of a bodysuit was enough to make them roll their eyes and immediately dismiss them as uncomfortable and outdated. However, with so many changes and innovations in bodysuits, turning even the biggest of sceptics into believers and paid customers, the bodysuit has never been more popular than it is now.

From outdated to trendy, everything is in favour of the bodysuit in 2023 and the top trends of the year will finally make you fall with it again.

Bodysuits are very popular now but finding a bodysuit that is comfortable, stylish, and works well with your body is still a fine art. And when it comes to narrowing down your search, it is always a good idea to see which bodysuits are predicted to be a big part of fashion in the year ahead.

Being comfortable and confident in your own body is something everyone deserves, regardless of what the current fashion trends are. But fortunately, when it comes to bodysuit trends, you will be able to achieve both of those things while staying one step ahead of the next big fashion accessory item. To help get you there faster, here are some of the top bodysuits that you should be keeping an eye on this year.

T-Shirt Style Bodysuits

Good t-shirt bodysuits are not always easy to find but with the right breathable fabric and snugness, they can be an absolute game-changer in bodywear. Their versatility means you will never be concerned about what to wear with them; moreover, they are subtle enough to give the illusion of a simple but stylish t-shirt that is been tucked in.

Long-Sleeve Bodysuits

Some classics never go out of style, and the timeless appeal of the lightweight long-sleeve bodysuit is hard to resist. The satisfying hug that these bodysuits provide helps to accentuate curves while adding more shape to any outfit. For that ultimate feeling of comfort without being too constricted, a dependable long-sleeve bodysuit can be a great go-to item.

Full Body Catsuits

The versatility of full-body catsuits makes them ideal for creating stunning silhouettes in casual wear, business attire, and anything in between. Most modern catsuits will have that dream combination of a light lining with strong underwire cupping. With adjustable straps for added comfort, it is no wonder this adaptable item is still so popular.

Sculpting Bodysuits

Sometimes you just want to feel good in a comfy everyday item that shapes and lifts without feeling too constrictive. The softness of a sculpting bodysuit not only helps to support your chest and core gently, but it also lifts your backside to accentuate your natural shape. While this trend makes everyday wear feel a little more special, it is best to go one size up to maintain that breathability.

Bodysuit Trends For 2023: What Matters Most

While these trends can work with shapes, bodies, and styles of all kinds, what truly matters most is that you are celebrating your body and feeling comfortable while you do. Being proud of your body is about enjoying how uniquely it works with your bodysuit. So stay comfortable, stay confident, and step into 2023 looking fantastic!

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