Saturday, 11 March 2023

TOAST Renewed, Repaired Clothing Collection Made To Last

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Lifestyle brand TOAST invites you to cherish your clothing with skilled mending, made to last for years to come with their recently launched ‘TOAST Renewed' collection.

Slow fashion is made to last as Welsh brand TOAST proves with their new collection of repaired clothing: TOAST Renewed.

About TOAST Renewed Collection

On 23rd February 2023, lifestyle brand TOAST launched TOAST Renewed, a new collection of one-of-a-kind visibly and creatively repaired womenswear and menswear garments, as well as soft textiles. Expanding on their commitment to cherishing materials and creating long-lasting products, TOAST are highlighting the art of repair with skilled craftsmanship, demonstrating how it can be used to create characterful items with care and attention.

Each piece in the collection is evaluated by a TOAST repair specialist who takes fabric, colour and texture into consideration before embarking on the repair. The collection of unique pieces includes signature TOAST workwear repaired with the ancient Japanese technique of sashiko, as well as Swiss and woven-darned knitwear, intricately embroidered dresses and quilts mended with patches. Each repair in the TOAST Renewed collection is specific to the item, showcasing the unique handwriting of their team of six repair specialists. TOAST Renewed pieces are created from damaged items from TOAST shops and those returned by customers to their warehouse. Before the launch of TOAST Renewed, these pieces would have been held in the warehouse and sold through sample sales and TOAST outlet shops.

Circularity For Fashion Longevity

Since 2018, TOAST has been championing the art of repair through their customer workshops in-store and online, as well as through their free in-store repair service called TOAST Repair. By bringing the TOAST community together, the brand aims to foster creativity and inspire with sustainable practices. To date, 3,081 garments have been repaired through TOAST Repair so far.

TOAST Renewed is part of a long-term focus on circularity expanding on their existing initiatives including TOAST Repair and TOAST Exchange, an events-based clothes swap. TOAST is also planning to implement further initiatives across the business; from material sourcing and product development to recycling, and product life cycle management.

About The Brand: TOAST

Founded in Wales in 1997 with a focus on nature-inspired nightwear and loungewear, the brand has a handcrafted, relaxed and functional take on fashion. TOAST aim to long-lasting clothing that can be passed on and used for years with love and a sense of comfort.

The brand collaborates with local and global artisans to help preserve craftsmanship and traditional techniques while supporting a culture of mindful consumption.

The TOAST Renewed collection has arrived online, priced from £90 to £350, with new styles to come later in the year.

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