Wednesday, 15 March 2023

Vintage Versace Up-cycled Outfits Revealed at Versace LA Show

Written by Natalia Cassel
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Easton Schirra Studio

VVEAVE, a new digital-first innovation platform for sustainable co-creation, spearheads its first high-profile collaboration at the Versace show, fusing entertainment, modern luxury and purpose.

The Versace runway show in LA ahead of the Academy Awards saw reinvented vintage outfits and opportunities for the new generations and the industry.

Reinventing And Upcycling Versace

VVEAVE brought together celebrity stylist Maleeka Moss, fashion creator and influencer The Nava Rose, and West Coast independent LA brand BENT KAHINA. The trio sourced vintage Versace items from leading secondary market platforms (Ebay, Vestiaire Collective, Poshmark, The RealReal), reworking them into true Gen Y/Z contemporary relevance. As a result, two new sustainable iterations have emerged, in a unique high/low coming-together of future-facing creators and creatives.

This collaborative campaign demonstrates some of the myriad opportunities VVEAVE provides: a platform and a voice for up-and-coming designers; a way to democratise and accelerate their creativity in a global-facing digital community with infinite horizons; and for established brands to incubate those new ideas. While also providing influencers insight into what their communities are looking for, VVEAVE can also factor in stylists’ insider skills, vision, and know-how around fit and wearability.


VVEAVE is a disruptive digital innovator, bringing together fashion industry tastemakers, suppliers, and factories to eradicate inefficiencies, and empower and democratise creativity. For consumers, VVEAVE gives everyone a seat at the table – to express their individuality through style and open the doors to a creative process traditionally reserved for industry insiders.

VVEAVE provides tools and access to emerging or SME designers and creators: to build their brand – from creating or meeting the demand for uniqueness – all the way to the production of small batch, just-in-time manufacturing. VVEAVE is backed by leading fashion industry insiders with a founding team of technology experts: all poised to revolutionise the industry.

The Versace LA Runaway Show And Insights

The Versace show took place on the evening of March 9th, in West Hollywood. VVEAVE invited professionals, tastemakers, influencers and stylists alike to follow VVEAVE's social media to experience an iconic updated Versace look and join the disruptive forces that are co-creating fashion’s future.

Maleeka says “Fashion creates so much waste, so it’s important and exciting to see many emerging creators seeking to change this narrative and champion this new eco era. Collaborating, and coming up with new innovative ways to rework vintage and heritage pieces into your everyday wardrobe is essential. Platforms like VVEAVE make it easier for collaborators like myself to make this change possible. This new wave of consciousness is not a trend but a much-needed change! The skies are the limit, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.”

NAVA ROSE adds, “I’m very passionate about sustainability as well as fashion, so I think it’s amazing how you can take vintage pieces from different collections and up-cycle them into a new cohesive piece. I love how the art of reworking a piece whether it be old, torn or just outdated and giving it new life, is becoming something that the whole world is enjoying. Not only does it help our planet, but you also get a cute outfit out of it!”

Sarah Lamarche, Founder & CEO at VVEAVE concludes “With social, environmental and political problems becoming big business issues, the fashion industry has multiple challenges with outdated business models. It can benefit creatively and commercially by embracing changing consumer demand and behaviours, the increasing importance of sustainability, plus the continuing shift into digital, whilst promoting talent and protecting individuality and creativity. At VVEAVE, we are helping transform these challenges into revenue-generating opportunities.”

Photography: @eastonschirrastudio
Styling: @maleeka.moss

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