Monday, 03 April 2023

Claudia Wang's Autumn/Winter 2023 Is "Civilisation of Love"

Written by Roxanne Chen Gadsby
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For the Autumn/Winter 2023 season, Claudia Wang presented a collection inspired by Y2K nostalgia: "Civilisation of Love".

Y2K nostalgia, sweet childhood memories and a vitaminic colour palette make Claudia Wang's collection for Autumn/Winter 2023: her "Civilisation of Love".

At the Taipei Fashion Week (internal link to the first article to publish), Claudia Wang nurtured the playful open-heartedness we experience in childhood through vibrant designs and a bright colour palette. With her "Civilisation of Love", the designer went further by looking at the issues of body diversity and investing in making fashion more inclusive through the use of AI technology.

About Claudia Wang's Fashion Concept

Claudia Wang uses art, fashion and technology to create a playful union between mediums, inspire creativity, and push the boundaries of what fashion can achieve. This collection focuses on breaking away from traditional conceptions of body image through the use of bold patterns and an equally bold colour array, while also looking to create a narrative of love for millennials which dates back to the innocence of childhood in the '90s, at the beginning of widespread internet culture, to the present day where technology can be used in innovative ways to spread love and acceptance.

Wang’s A/W23 show opened with a unique look into the future of digital fashion. Through a video presentation, Claudia Wang invited youtuber Alizabeth, stylist Judy Chou, drag queen @chiangweiii, and AI influencer Eve – created and developed by Digital Domain – to experience a virtual fitting of the collection. This opening moment demonstrated Wang’s investment in fashion technology, which not only aligns with the brand’s continued commitment to sustainability but also emphasises the boundaries that can be broken for size inclusion by virtual fashion mechanisms.

About Claudia Wang's "Civilisation Of Love"

Inspired by the era of dial-up internet access, Wang’s garments are emblazoned with dots, hand-painted expressions of love and strangely shaped flowers, reminiscent of a Y2K aesthetic, which for millennials represents a time of childish innocence and a curious heart. The silhouettes used follow classical geometric shapes, which are set against the brand’s classic check pattern, comprised of pink, dark grey, royal blue and khaki. These playful designs and garish colours are used to escape the boundaries of traditionally prescriptive clothing shapes.

In collaboration with the TAICCA, Taiwan Creative Content Agency, Wang has also created a cloud-based streaming platform with OSENSE Technology through which the "Infinite Love World" she has created can be accessed on mobile devices. With a 360-degree view, mobile users can experience the "Civilisation of Love" show after it has happened, viewing the clothing up close, obtaining garment information, and being able to make purchases through the platform. Wang is using technical innovation to destabilise the elitist attitude to fashion week, opening up viewing opportunities to everyone and creating processes in which the garments themselves can be tried on by a range of people, with data feeding back to her researchers, to make the collections more accessible from a body diversity point of view.

To join Claudia Wang's "Civilisation of Love" and see her previous collections head over to her website.

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