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Now Live: KOUA Studio Limited Edition Collection

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Miriam Danielsson

Following the debut at the London Fashion Week, KOUA Studio’s limited-edition collection created in collaboration with GENT London is now available.

The high-spirited recipe of Japanese, English and Mexican artistry of KOUA Studio & GENT London limited edition awaits online.

GENT London X KOUA Studio: The Highlights

Presented as a stunning range of wearable art, KOUA Studio's limited-edition collection co-created with GENT London who debuted in September 2022 during the London Fashion Week.

A celebration of colour and craftsmanship connecting Japan, Mexico and the UK under vibrant shades of bright pink, blue and lilac highlighting each garment. Every item has been painstakingly embellished with intricate KOUA Studio embroidery and each one features the original work of independent artists and indigenous crafts.

One of the standout pieces in the collection is a denim trench coat and co-ord jeans, which have been up-cycled and uniquely decorated with KOUA Studio's Deluxe line textile. The textile features a brocade embroidery which has several merged rhombus figures and was handcrafted by traditionally skilled artisans from a Tzotzil indigenous community located in the southern Mexican region of Zinacantán, Chiapas.

Another outstanding creation from this limited edition is a vintage trench coat hand-painted by the English street artist from GENT London, Sophie Mess, portraying vibrant botanical flowers. The coat is lined with KOUA Studio's recycled textiles and it is a perfect example of the unique collaboration between artists.

A handbag is lined with a textile made on a pedal loom by artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico and painted by GENT London's English-Japanese artist, Horeekei.

Erika Alvarez On The Fusion Of Art And Craftsmanship

"This collection is a total fusion of art," said Erika Alvarez, CEO and Founder of KOUA Studio. "It brings together the talents of Japanese, English and Mexican artists to create something truly unique and incredibly special which stands out in a world of fast fashion. Our artists are portraying their own art stemming from their personal stories and heritage. A unique blending of everyone’s talent comes together to create wearable, timeless pieces. Each item is something unique that simply can’t be found anywhere else.”

“Being Mexican, I recognise the art behind the textiles is created by our skilled artisans. Their textiles are works of art and of the same calibre as other pieces created by artists anywhere in the world. The only difference is that many of these artisans are unaware of the true value of their work. It is one of my company's social responsibilities to educate them about the importance of their craft, and to encourage consumers to appreciate the value of the art inherent in their textiles.”

Find and have a closer look at GENT London X KOUA Studio limited-edition collection, now available to purchase online.

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Creative Director: ERIKA ALVAREZ