Saturday, 24 June 2023

Walter Van Beirendonck Presents DAWLEETOO For S/S24

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His love for research is the starting point of his collection. Walter Van Beirendonck dived into memories to bring DAWLEETOO, his Spring/Summer 2024 menswear collection, to Paris Fashion Week.

Memories and discoveries, history and art, new and old are the raw ingredients of Walter Van Beirendonck's DAWLEETOO S/S24 collection.

Presented at the Paris Fashion Week, Walter Van Beirendonck's DAWLEETOO is a futurist collection inspired by a lost city and made real by the newest AI, by human memories and machines.

About Walter Van Beirendonck's DAWLEETOO Collection

The Belgian designer describes the development of his new menswear collection in these terms: "My collection books filled with drawings and collages becoming visualisations of what is happening inside my brain. Embracing fresh technologies has never been something I shied away from. But let me tell you: researching in the era of accelerated A.I. is trippy in many ways."

About DAWLEETOO S/S24: The Concept

The designer continues: "This time, I stumbled upon incredibly intriguing images of DAWLEETOO. Was it a lost city? Or a fake place?

I am not ashamed to admit: when the first simulated visuals popped into my feed, telling truth from fiction wasn’t easy. I wasn’t the only one tricked, surely! WHAT WAS REAL AND WHAT WAS SURREAL? In a way, I found it shocking. But I’m also curious. FASCINATED!

Where are the machines taking us? The world around us is transforming at breakneck speed and it feels like we are being used as crash test dummies. I CREATED AN ALIEN ALPHABET."

DAWLEETOO S/S24: Sartorial Details

Van Beirendonck's love for theatrical costumes and his outspoken art are fully expressed in DAWLEETOO's visual contrasts and opportunities unleashed by technology. The new pictorial character, the "alien alphabet", is used in this collection as an integral part of his creations.

DAWLEETOO plays with hard material, as a cover, and soft – almost vulnerable – one-pieces underneath. Volume meets, clashes and rejoins with slim fits, protection with transparency; monochrome with bi-colour: with ancestral and universal red-white and black-yellow combinations.

With these graphic warning signs, Walter Van Beirendonck calls for your attention: "We are new world explorers and guinea pigs. Surrounded by hyper-myths, today’s fairy tales. COSMIC OUTSIDERS UNITE.
Dream big but keep protecting our humanity.

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