Friday, 07 July 2023

Lena Erziak: Mycélium, A/W 2023/Haute Couture Collection

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Méphistophélès Productions

The sister designers behind Lena Erziak seek to connect people and go beyond with Mycélium, haute couture collection for the upcoming autumn/winter season presented at the Paris Haute Couture Week.

Bright colours and living connections make Mycélium, Autumn/Winter 2023/24 haute couture collection envisioned by Lena Erziak.


About Mycélium A/W 2023/24: The Concept

Lena Erziak wants to connect us all to each other, not only between human beings but also to the whole living world. Through the mycelium, a gigantic canvas of filaments – as precise and delicate as a Haute Couture embroidery – and a true specialist in connection and balance: it is the underground network of filiform branches growing under fungi and fungi, connecting each plant and tree, living and facilitating the exchange of nutrients, decomposing matter, regenerating the earth and even sequestering carbon. Mycelium helps plants and trees to "communicate" and support each other. This is why mycelium is called "the internet of nature"; it is just as vast: for every step we take, there are about 450 km of mycelium that extend below the surface. The importance of communication between us, the only one capable of resolving conflicts and climate emergency...

About The Collection: Sartorial Touches

A strong, colourful, sharp, very visual and irresistible collection. In this latest collection, the flamboyance and strength of Maison Lena Erziak emphasises even more the know-how of her little hands in her Parisian workshop: handmade pleated, feathers sewn one by one, silk taffeta, duchess satin, lava silk, vertiginous volumes and impeccably made.

Have a look at Lena Erziak's virtual workshop online.

Pictures Credits for the runway: Courtesy of Méphistophélès Productions
Pictures Credits for the details: Jean-Louis Coulombel