Friday, 07 July 2023

Libbie Mugrab debuts at the Paris Haute Couture Week

Written by Natalia Cassel
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Natalia Cassel

Libbie Mugrabi made her grand debut at the Paris Haute Couture Week with her "street luxe" maison L'Scher at the Four Seasons Hotel George V.

Streetwear and luxury fuses in L'Scher, Libbie Mugrabi's newborn label just presented at the Paris Haute Couture Week.


About L’Scher by Libbie Mugrabi: The Maison & Debut Collection

L’Scher is a ‘street luxe’ brand at the nexus of art and fashion. Launched in 2023 by artist, art collector, designer and philanthropist Libbie Mugrabi, L’Scher is a purveyor of elevated streetwear fashion and accessories that exudes couture feels with deep ties to comfort and edge. L’Scher is built on the aesthetics of opulence, ease and coolness.

Essential to the notion of elevating streetwear aesthetics, each L’Scher offering is made to exacting standards using superior quality materials that are evident in a couture house.

L’Scher’s debut collection is an ode to women’s empowerment, entitled ’The American Scream’. Mugrabi’s premiere opus taps inspiration and pays homage to the last five years of her life: her trajectory from living the American dream to experiencing what her friends dubbed the American scream.

About The Designer: Libbie Mugrabi

Libbie Mugrabi, 42, is an artist, art collector, designer and philanthropist. 2023 heralds a new era for Mugrabi as she signals her foray into fashion as a designer with the launch of L’Scher, a fashion brand which brings together her love of art, design and fashion. Mugrabi’s life has always intersected with art and creativity. Her grandparents and parents collected art, and she grew up surrounded by art and artists. As a young girl, she would watch her cousin, the legendary pop artist and illustrator Peter Max, as he painted models in his New York studio. It kick-started her life-long obsession with art, especially animation.

She married into the Mugrabi family (who are leading collectors of Andy Warhol, with over 800 works). She has been a dynamic and influential figure in the art world for two decades, carving a ‘tour de force’ reputation for her creative collaborations and supporting many artists in building their market. She has an eye for spotting and nurturing young, creative talent. She has focused on collecting and expanding her creative and philanthropic work post-divorce. She is a benefactor at the V&A Museum, where she sponsors the influential Fashion In Motion initiative, which brings emerging fashion designers to a broader public.

What Is Street Luxe, Exactly?

Why Street Luxe? Libbie Mugrabi’s children, Mary and Joseph, inspired her to create L’Scher. After taking a Gen-Z pilgrimage to the Supreme store with the kids she noticed a major gap in the market: streetwear was geared towards boys. Girls who wanted to be part of it were obliged to wear boys' collections. She saw a need for something more inclusive and developed the Street Luxe concept.

Street Luxe merges luxury fashion with non-binary streetwear that reaches out to all generations. It is gender fluid and unisex, bringing a diversity of people together. Libbie believes that only streetwear, with its universal appeal, has the power to do this. It is what excites her most about Street Luxe.

“Our passion to align with sustainable development goals helped us to produce consciously, from recycled and organic materials with people and planet in mind. We are also making limited edition pieces, adding value to the collector market,” says Mugrabi.

A hoodie is a luxury, a baseball cap is privacy, and a T-shirt is an iconic hero. These staple pieces – hats, hoodies, T-shirts and sunglasses – are the canvases for her. Libbie was inspired to experiment with prints and graphics by Andy Warhol, whose work she has lived with and loved for years. His use of colour and screen printing methods have influenced her designs, whilst Warhol’s pop philosophy chimes with her desire to reach a broad audience.

Libbie has always been a cultural collaborator, and collaboration will be at the heart of the Street Luxe project and drive it forward. She plans to build a lifestyle brand and, in the process, create a movement, bringing the two worlds of fashion and art together.