Wednesday, 30 August 2023

Men's Fashion Over 50s: How To Dress Youthfully With Class

Written by Amy Jones
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Ageing is natural: we can try the latest anti-ageing miracle treatments and exercises, but we all get older. However, our style can stay young, men included.

For men over 40s and 50s trying to stay on trend and avoid the label of “trying too hard”, it can be a minefield. These tips will show how to dress youthfully.

In your 50s your personality has never been that stronger and your life experience makes you a wiser and richer man, but that does not mean your style should be grey and stiff! Whether you are facing scrutiny from your equally aged partner, or perhaps the younger people in your life are failing to appreciate your efforts to stay with the times, you are not alone.

Men's Fashion Over 50s: Can Older Men Dress Like Young Adults?

Many men once they reach their 50s fall into the trap of staying within the societal norms of how one should dress for one's age, but no more!

Older men can, indeed, follow the style tips that young adults are following today, and even embrace these looks a whole lot better. The trick for making it look like you are not trying too hard is simply 'not trying too hard'. Wear what makes you feel comfortable, but also admirable from your perspective. The most important thing is that you wear your clothes with confidence. To help you get started, we have some style suggestions to achieve an effortlessly classy but youthful look as an older guy.

Tip #1: Opt For Classic Styles

One thing to keep in mind about fashion trends is that they are constantly recycled. Remember those baggy jeans kids wore down to their knees back in the day? They are back, to an extent of course. Thankfully, we are not suggesting that; instead, we recommend considering some classic items that will never go out of style. These include items such as crispy white t-shirts, dark denim jeans that fit you perfectly, and a smart pair of leather shoes that can be worn professionally and for personal endeavours. These items are what we would call “staples”, and nothing is better than seeing a man in a smart white shirt and shiny leather shoes, no matter his age. These foundational items are a wardrobe must for any older gentleman, but we are sure you knew that already.

Tip #2: Subtle Colour Palettes

In today's trending colour palette, neutral is king. Keeping a subtle colour palette for your wardrobe will suggest to everyone you know your stuff. Earthy tones such as brown, beige, and green should be introduced into your wardrobe. Start with basic, fitted shirts for when you are running errands, but make sure you pair them with the right trousers. Clashing is a big no-no, so opt for black jeans or perhaps some cargos, if you are feeling adventurous. For your more professional outfit, stick to muted colour tones such as grey, beige, and dark blues. Consider adding a pop of texture or a colour change with your tie and pocket square. Staying neutral should be consistent, but when there are opportunities for pops of colour take them.

Tip #3: Embrace Modern Accessories

What is the most attractive thing a man can showcase with his style today? His accessory choice, of course. A man who can accessorise is a man to watch out for. If you are looking to stay on trend and even be idolised by the younger generations, then you need to accessorise all of your outfits. This does not mean you need the bling and the expensive watches. All it takes is a few well-crafted pieces to add to your outfits. From leather bracelets to small noticeable chain necklaces, have a few key items that you love to wear. These will be your secret weapon!

Tip #4: Tailoring Is Key

In your 50s, you should never underestimate the power of a tailored outfit. Just small, yet impactful adjustments on clothing pieces that you already own can instantly elevate the appearance of an outfit. As we get older, it can be easy to neglect how we look in clothes, especially after a few too many beers. It is instantly evident when someone is wearing an outfit made just for them. Getting your favourite items tailored, whether it be your suits or your daily jeans, can make you seem much more put together and stylish. Baggy trousers that touch the floor just have no class. Have your staple items tailored, and see how much of a difference they make when worn on your body.

Tip #5: Mix Casual and Formal Elements

Zooming in on looking great and fresh, you need to learn the art of mixing casual and formal clothing items. The modern man does not wear an ironed, crisp suit to every professional event. Today, it is much more likely to see a man wearing a tailored blazer, a fitted white shirt and a fitted pair of jeans to a professional meeting. You might even consider wearing a heavyweight hoodie and a pair of jeans for the ultimate laid-back, high-end look. Start to mix and match your professional and casual items and see when they pair best together. Elegance and comfort can become one!

Tip #6: Quality Over Quantity

Before you begin throwing out your old pieces and buying a whole new collection to replace them, stop and think. Trending styles are not coming from fast-fashion giants. Instead, they derive from quality, handmade clothing lines that make pieces to last a lifetime. Investing in quality over quantity will be the best way to achieve a trendy wardrobe that can be appreciated by others. For men especially, fast fashion should be avoided. The cheaply made clothing items are notably fragile and will likely break with gradual usage. Avoid the headache, and buy to last. For example, a well-crafted leather belt from a high-value retailer will likely last you much longer, and will also be recognisably classier.

Tip #7: Stay Well Groomed

Keeping well-groomed can also contribute to your overall style and make you look considerably younger. This means making sure that any facial hair is well kept, and your hair is regularly trimmed and taken care of by professionals. If you have had the same hairstyle and look for a while, why not mix things up? Facial hair is well in fashion today, so you could experiment and grow a small beard. Ask your barber for his expertise, or even try a new barber who is more in the know of current trends. How well-groomed you appear will work hand in hand with your style, and effortlessly bring the look together. Also, your signature scent will add to the overall effect, so choose your colognes wisely.

Tip #8: Stay Open To Trends, Selectively

Keeping on trend does not mean rushing to buy the newest clothing items on the market. Instead, it is about being selective and following trends that complement your overall look and likes. Trends that speak to you should be experimented with, but trends that make you feel as if you are following the crowds can be left where they are. Be selective, and stay exclusive with what you wear.

Tip #9: Confidence Is Everything

Finally, you need to understand the importance of confidence. Confidence has the power to take a basic outfit that would otherwise go unnoticeable, to an outfit that everyone admires and would love to wear. How you wear your clothing is everything: wear your clothes with intention and, most importantly, confidence! Walk with your shoulders back, and know how great you look, no matter your age!


Dressing youthfully as an older man might feel like you are going against the tide of traditional style for your generation, but this is the best thing you can do to create your style edit out. It does not matter how old you are or what others suppose you should wear. Step out of the norm, and take tips from the trending style. You might just open up a whole new world of stylish opportunities!