Wednesday, 26 June 2024

Juana Martín: Pared de Cal, Autumn/Winter 2024 Collection

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Andalusian designer Juana Martín presented "Pared de Cal" for Autumn/Winter 2024 at the Haute Couture Week in Paris.

Black and white, good and evil. Juana Martín lyrically merged opposites for her A/W24 haute couture collection: "Pared de Cal".


About Pared de Cal, A/W24 Collection: The Concept

“Pared de Cal” is a poetic way of thinking about the good and the evil. The thought of the good deeds against the constant earthly and carnal temptation. At the Haute Couture Week in Paris, Juana Martín speaks about divinity and sins, white and black; the opposite of each other, yet inseparable, hand in hand, walking in parallel. Contrast: the unmistakable signature of the designer.
It was Saint Teresa who created the popular Spanish saying “between nuns and monks, lime and stone wall”. Is there anything more Andalusian than the whitewashed walls of our Andalusian villages?

About The Collection: Sartorial Touches

Once again, Juana is inspired by an eternal Andalusia with its infinite, endless stories and protagonists. The designer speaks of the line or the wall, that separates in our thoughts good and evil, sin from the celestial.
The symbol of temptation by excellence, the fruit of sin, will also be present in this collection in a way of abundance. Feathers, Chantilly lace, that adapts to the body, and gauze that seem to sink like veils. The feminine silhouette and the insinuating transparency – insanely close to desire and beauty – are the main aspects of this collection.

Let the good and the evil fascinate you, then get lost in Juana Martín's vision of Andalusia on her official website and Instagram account.