Sticking to the usual hairstyle can save you time but embracing the change can level up your self-esteem and look. Tom Smith's hair trend predictions for A/W 2023 are here for this.

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Thursday, 14 July 2022 17:37

Beach Hair, Here is How to Care!

We cannot wait to lounge in the sun, maybe by the sea, but we would be happy to skip dry beach hair! How? Expert Saivo Lerna comes to the rescue with tips and genius haircare products.

Woman with afro hair on the beach Ph. Nappy (pixels)

Saivo Irena from The Bohemians explains why dry beach hair happens and how you can restore your locks once and for all with easy tips.

Why Does Beach Hair Happen

For many of us, summer is for endless days at the beach or the pool to have plenty of vitamin D, splashes and fun. But the sun, seawater and chlorine are not your hair's best friends. What to do to enjoy the best of summer and have the best hair?

Saivo says: "Have you noticed that your hair becomes drier in the sun, and particularly when you visit the beach? Our hair retains moisture and elasticity due to its natural water content. When you dip in the sea, the high salt content in the water sucks the moisture out of our locks, leaving them dry, dehydrated and brittle. It can also be very unkind to coloured hair - stripping and fading it, this is particularly true for blonde tones, which can become brassy. Think you can avoid it by cooling down in the pool? Unfortunately, chlorine is just as bad. It's a powerful anti-bacterial agent, so it strips the hair of its natural oils, which leads to dry, dull strands. Again, it's also no friend of coloured treated hair - fading dark tones, and turning blonde tones a shade of green".

How To Save Your Hair And Fix Dry Beach Hair

The rescue tip is as simple as "just add H2O". Follow Savio's recommendation: "wet your hair before hopping in the pool or sea, with fresh water. Your hair can only soak up a certain level of water, so if it’s saturated with fresh water before you get into the pool or sea, it won’t be able to absorb as much chlorine or seawater, resulting in less damage".

There is more to do to save your hair from dryness: make the most of beach breaks!

"Use a leave-in conditioner every day of your beach break. Leave-in conditioners keep hair soft and moist, making it more difficult for seawater to penetrate the hair shaft".

Pro-approved Haircare Products To Restore Your Hair From The Sun And The Sea

SBC Hydra Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner 300mlPh. SBC

"It's important to wash your hair as soon as you finish your last dip, to wash the salt and chlorine out right away. Use a gentle formula that removes build-up". Savio suggests SBC Super Boost Shampoo & Conditioner Duo (£20 available at SBC Skincare website).

Ecooking hair maskPh. Ecooking

"An intensive masque will also work wonders. This will counteract the harshness of the salt and chlorine and will provide an injection of moisturising that has been sucked out of the strands. You don't need to do this every day of your holiday but try for 3 nights every week". An intensive solution is Ecooking Hair Mask (£22.95 for 250ml, available at The Fragrance Shop).

Bblonde shampooPh. Jerome Russell

"Use colour-specific products. This is particularly important if you're blonde - the sun, sea and pool are all culprits for fading and discolouring blonde locks. Use a purple shampoo and conditioner to eliminate yellow and green tones and add shine and optical bright tones". A life jacket for blondes is Bblonde Intense Silver No Yellow Shampoo (£9,99, available at Superdrug).

Only curls satin lined capPh. Only Curls

"If all else fails, don't dip your head. Instead use a protective style on the beach, such as a high bun, or braids. For double protection, wear a hat, and avoid getting hair wet at all". Savio suggests staying cool, causal and protected with Only Curls Satin Lined Baseball Hat (£16).

You can escape the heatwave and make a splash but also save your hair from the sea. Follow these tips and, no matter your hair type and colour, your locks will be happy for your summer trip.

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If you happen to have a friend from northern Brazil or Columbia, they might tell you of a fruit from the cacao family called cupuaçu. They say it smells like a cross between chocolate and pineapple and the juice tastes like pear and banana.

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Independent haircare brand Only Curls' beanie is the new go-to winter accessory for frizzy and curly hair. So good to go sold out, it is now back in stock.

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Wednesday, 27 October 2021 12:34

Celebrate World Vegan Day in Beauty

Can you believe November is already around the corner? The very start of this month is not like any other day, it is World Vegan Day. To celebrate the day and make the first step towards veganism, we have collected some of our vegan favourites beauty alternative

World Vegan Day beauty swaps. Ph. Polina Tankilevitch, PexelsPh. Polina Tankilevitch, Pexels

World Vegan Day falls every year on the 1st of November all around the globe and celebrates the benefits of veganism for both people and the environment. Even if you are not planning to switch to full veganism, making some changes in your everyday routine will make a big difference for the planet.

Your New Vegan Routine From Head To Toes

Here is a collection of tried & approved vegan products to embrace the meaning of World Vegan Day and inaugurate your conscious beauty journey.

Only Curls Curl Cleansing Shampoo Bar (£12)

Only Curls Curl Cleansing Shampoo Bar, World Vegan Day beauty swaps

We all agree on the fact that solid products cut wastage, hence are good for the planet. Only Curls shampoo bar is specifically for curly hair, and its balance of natural oils, emollients and gentle sulfate-free surfactant makes it moisturising and effectively cleansing at the same time. Available online.

SOS Cleanse (from £5)

SOS Serum - SOS Cleanse, World Vegan Day beauty swaps

SOS Serum is a guarantee particularly for sensitive skin, this is why you might have seen it many times on Fashions Finest.

SOS Cleanse is a gentle soothing face cleanser that clears the pores, dissolves makeup and gets rid of pollutants. It has a soft gel-like texture that is kind to the skin because free from alcohol and acidic ingredients.

Sugar Coated Full Body Hair Removal Kit (£14,99)

Sugar Coated Full Body Hair Removal Kit, World Vegan Day beauty swaps 4

Hair removal can be sweeter with Sugar Coated, an ethical approach to total body and face waxing all year-round.

Sugar Coated Full Body Hair Removal Kit is 100% vegan and natural; it is simply made of water and sugar. Sugar! It explains the name. Waxing can be a sticky mess but Sugar Coated formula is water-soluble and biodegradable ensuring that it is easier to wash off from home surfaces. The kit comes completed with washable and reusable strips so that your waxing experience at home is fully sustainable.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré (£13)

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré, Wolrd Vegan Day beauty swaps
A brilliant multi-tasker, a 5-in-1 product that ave plenty of use in your skincare regime. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré turns into a moisturiser, a primer, a makeup remover and a face mask. Embryolisse's formula with fatty acids is made to restore skin balance. It nourishes dry areas and protects your skin from environmental stress for fresh, plumped and dewy skin every day. Available online.

SOS H2O Day Cream With SPF 30 (from 5£)

SOS Serum - SOS H20 Day Cream, World Vegan Day beauty swaps

You can ensure you are protecting your delicate skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays while caring about the environment with SOS H2O Day Cream with SPF 30. A lightweight and non-greasy cream with a sophisticated formula enriched with grape stem cells, white truffle and low-density hyaluronic acid. It protects your skin from sun rays, fights premature ageing and intensively hydrates the skin. As we love multi-purpose products, we cannot skip this face cream. It can be used overnight when you run out of your night treatments.

IKON Eau de Parfum (£60, The Fragrance Shop)

IKON 906 sustainable Eau de Parfum, World Vegan Day beauty swaps

Aftershaves and perfumes are personal signatures but for a piece of luxury is not worth leaving a permanent mark on the planet. IKON, available at The Fragrance Shop, is built upon the idea of a scented holistic experience with sustainable packaging and ingredients. Simplicity and purity transpire from the numbered nomenclature and minimal glass bottle.
Take IKON 906, an intriguing and intoxicating Eau de parfum with warming nutmeg and pepper on the top of a heart of sensual ylang-ylang, vanilla and surprising tobacco.

Get ready to start your vegan journey on 1st November or earlier. Shop Fashions Finest's favourite and find more alternatives in our vegan beauty section.

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Wednesday, 13 October 2021 11:55

Only Curls supports Breast Cancer this October!

Only Curls takes action this October and joins national charity Look Good Feel Better for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a pink touch.

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We know well how curly and Afro-textured hair needs special care to maintain its luscious beauty and health. Sophia London, a new haircare brand, answers this 'emergency hair call' with its official launch.

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Establishing a proper hair care routine requires a comprehensive approach, considering your hair type’s needs and common problems. This means you should not only choose the right hair care products but also acquire some healthy habits when it comes to washing, combing, and styling your hair.

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One tub of Olew Curl Cream has been selling every 15 seconds since September 2020. Have you tried it yet?

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Founded by Joycelyn Mate and Rachael Corson. Afrocenchix is the award winning, British natural hair care company seeking to blend top quality ingredients and make high performing products for afro and curly hair.
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