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Gent London

GENT London is a new unisex sustainable fashion brand. Its aims are to harness the vibrancy of international art and combine it with iconic fashion, bringing together some of the most talented street, modern and contemporary artists from around the world to rework classic iconic pieces and bring their unique vision to everyone.

Customising clothing isn’t new; it’s always been around. GENT London is different!

GENT London aims to give everyone the chance to own something unique. Art is traditionally viewed within the confines of a gallery or hanging from a wall. Instead, GENT London provides its clients with wearable works of art, transforming them into canvas and the streets into the gallery. These are bespoke pieces created by hand, exclusively designed and signed by the artist. Never have our artists collaborated in this way before.

GENT London has seen a significant shift in the fashion industry towards environmental awareness and global consciousness, with recycling efforts and sustainability being the core deliverable of many major fashion houses worldwide. GENT London aims to uphold these values as the brand grows.

All GENT London items are luxury vintage and provide a unique canvas for artists to shift their medium, breeding new life into classic pieces. GENT London’s attention to detail is a big focus, with all vintage items being upcycled with unique adornments such as replacement buckles, updated stitching, and the inclusion of serialised holograms and Blockchain authentication.

“GENT London aims to showcase its artist's amazing talent and create a new exclusive line for the fashion industry that brings together the talents of renowned artists and a wider talent pool of rising stars too.”

About The Collection

For LFW 2022, GENT London is super excited to collaborate with the artist and TikTok sensation, Girl Scout Shoes, who will be creating a unique collection of footwear just for this event. Onnika Caldeira will design a bespoke range to compliment the artwork and colour palettes of the GENT London pieces. Girl Scout Shoes will inject her unique style and bring fun, colour and a celebration of individuality to the runway!

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Tuesday, 02 August 2022 09:38

Haus of Ra

Haus of Ra is a luxury womenswear brand that specialises in bespoke garments. The brand adopts traditional couture techniques while fusing them with more modern media techniques for the garment construction. In celebration of couture Haus of Ra also specialises in making prints while emphasising in hand embroidery techniques adopted from South Asia as well those practised in ateliers of western artisans. The fabrics are sourced from family run farms that cultivate cotton, wool and silk. The brand prides in self having a sustainable ethos by implementing socially responsible policies. The artisans in the east are celebrated for their craft where the brand makes sure that their skill is not exploited both intellectually and/or financially. Haus of Ra is a fashion house that aims to innovate couture while being respectful to its traditional roots.

While the Haus primarily functions as a fashion label offering retail of fabric and haberdashery along with bespoke services like tailoring, alterations, digital printing, hand pleating and jewellery making, it also serves as a creative production and mentoring agency connecting creatives like photographers, models, hair and make up artists, musicians , fine artists, stylists etc to aid start-ups and established designers and fashion labels in producing not only just product but aid their business with tools for growth too.  

Haus of Ra was founded under the creative direction of Raahim Khan in 2016 with the launch of the brand at London Fashion Week AW16/17 ,after his departure from his medicine studies, and now a graduate with BA Hons Fashion Design and Technology degree from London College Of Fashion (class of 2022) . As a Pakistani born Raahim Khan grew up around bespoke hand-crafted wedding gowns and garments which is why he holds the traditional couture phenomenon close to his design aesthetic. 


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Monday, 01 August 2022 15:20

Dezigns by Kamohoaliʻi

Dezigns by Kamohoaliʻi share foundational values of Hawaiian culture to its audience through art and design. Created by world renowned Hula Master Kumu Micah Kamohoaliʻi his line of clothing strives to educate in the ways of Hawaiian designs, metaphoric imagery, cultural significance with strong symbolisms and interpretations.

Dezigns by Kamohoaliʻi encompass Hawaiʻiʻs natural environments and honour the excellence and brilliance of the Hawaiian people. Kamohoaliʻi’s passion for art led him into graphic design and his family’s legacy in Hawaiian bark cloth (Kapa) led him into fashion. While merging these two elements the birthing of this company was formed. Dezigns By Kamohoalii feature layers of ʻike kuʻuna or traditional Hawaiian knowledge imbedded in each design and inspired by his family’s mastery skills of with bark clothing pounding, bamboo stamping, and tattooing.

We honour the breath of life from our Kupuna by perpetuating, preserving, and retelling our ancient stories in the designs we wear on our clothing.

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Friday, 29 July 2022 19:28

Megan Ismay

Megan Ismay Ltd is a fresh eco-friendly fashion brand based in Nottingham, United Kingdom. They pride themselves in being as sustainable as possible from fabrics to design, production and packaging.

Everything is thoughtfully considered to reduce harm to the environment and show transparency in our manufacturing process.

About The Collection

The first look S/S23 collection is made up of dresses and summer outfits inspired by those hot days in the sun. All the pieces are ethically made in the UK featuring ethically sourced organic cotton.

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Friday, 29 July 2022 19:12

Hauz Of Sean

SEAN ARINZE is the CEO of HAUZ OF SEAN( HOS), He Is currently based in LONDON. He has a Bachelors degree in Microbiology from Imo State University, Nigeria.

Sean began his brand in 2013 shortly after graduation from University,  he start first with designing for Men then later came his in imprint on female designs and androgynous designs as well. In all, his designs and fabrics are African inspired.

Currently  HAUZ OF SEAN is focusing on what he tagged as “Afropean Designs “ a mixture of European and African designs but with a final interpretation on an African fabric.

This inspiration came as a solution to make African designs/fabrics suitable for the European weathers prior to this innovation most African clothes are mostly worn during the summer season but with HAUZ OF SEAN ingenuity African fabrics/style can be worn during the winter months as well.

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Monday, 25 July 2022 14:00

Love Mulmi

Pronounced “mul – me“ - Mulmi is the result of the creative collaboration between Willi Lacey Creative director and Designer Urte Juodvirsyte.

Their aim was to design unique, contemporary lingerie with integrated patterns that flowed between top and bottoms.

As a small team they developed everything from the brand, initial designs through to our first collection.

They hand print and laser cut our 95% GOTS cotton elastane fabric,use elastic and cotton manufactured in the United Kingdom and accessories from a French family run business.

The manufacture process and sewing studio is all 'in house', in a converted stable on a country estate once owned by a Rock legend!

They created Mulmi's modern and contemporary designs to be one-of-a-kind underwear.

Their aim was to blur the distinction between “everyday” and “special occasion” by creating beautiful, comfortable, and unique intimates.

They would like Mulmi to be the first thing you reach for after laundry day!

Your 'Everyday specials'

About The Collection

Their first collection features 2 designs inspired by traditional Japanese art and culture.

Each design comes in 3 colour palettes which we feel with complement different skin tones and comes in boy shorts, high and mid rise, crop top, cross over bra and triangle bra.

Each colour design is named after traditional Japanese girls names.
Aimi.....'Love and beauty'
Harumi...'Spring beauty'
Keon......'Pure beaty'
Mami.....'True beauty'
Youke....'Sunshine child'

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Bibi Sakalieva

Bibi Sakalieva- BS is a new brand created by Bulgarian designer Biliana Sakalieva.

For many years, the designer worked for another brand, but it so happened that her life took a different direction, and she stopped working in the fashion industry. She moved to the United Kingdom, trying to make a fresh start in her life. She enrolled to study business and graduated with honours, but fashion haunted her constantly. Accordingly, she decided that working in an office was not for her and could apply what she had learned in business school by creating her brand, so Bibi Sakalieva-BS was born. Now she is timidly trying to step on the catwalk again, and we look forward to each of her collections because she has an unusual style. The brand offers exclusive ready-made models that bring a sense of luxury and style.

The brand's mission is to make every woman feel special and unique.

In her photo shoots, the designer does not use professional models because she wants to show all women that you do not need to have model measurements to look like a model. Bibi Sakalieva's message is that every woman can be stunning and fabulous.

About The Collection

In this new collection, Bibi Sakalieva combines lace with a first-class elastic georgette, making greater comfortable to wear. The exclusive line is for women who like to be stylish anytime. The design is suitable for daytime and evening or special events such as weddings or parties. We know how valuable time is today and how we have to go to an important meeting at the last moment, so Bibi Sakalieva creates a line to meet the needs of the modern working woman. The materials in the collection are high quality and resistant to long-term treatment so that you will keep this garment in your wardrobe for a long time.

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A name made of dreams, a style built with fierce. These are the components in the DNA of Blikvanger, an independent fashion label from Georgia.

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Monday, 28 February 2022 08:55

Meet Alise Trautmane-Uzuner, Founder of doors.

Of the many fashion initiatives launched during the pandemic, doors. is a universe for independent designers where they can populate their own space with their style. Behind it there is entrepreneur Alise Trautmane-Uzuner.

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Wednesday, 23 February 2022 16:26

Rich Mnisi A/W 22 Collection: The First Working Man

In his collection and film, Rich Mnisi examines the practice of giving children English names in black communities.

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