Tuesday, 09 February 2021 18:58

Oke London Creates Warri-Ors In Us All

Slow-fashion, Black owned brand, OKE London, launches with their first piece – Oyivwi and all the pieces of jewellery are made ethically in Africa, supporting local jobs and the economies.

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Sunday, 27 December 2020 18:31

Nitho handmade Jewellery from Greece

Nitho means spin. Spinning is an ancient textile art form in which plant, animal or synthetic fibres are drawn out and twisted together to form yarn, by simple hand tools, the spindle and the distaff.

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Wednesday, 17 June 2020 12:08

Modern Venus Collection From Daniela Groza

Daniela Groza, a graduate from Edinburgh College of Art, lets Fashion Finest take a look at her beautiful collection of jewellery entitled ‘Modern Venus’.

Daniella tells us all about her work saying; “My collection promotes female empowerment and is destined to be worn by strong personalities determined to inspire others. Jewellery is not just aesthetics. My objective is to address important social, moral, and even political issues happening around the world and design jewellery with strong visual impact, which people can relate to.”

earringsAsset 138 resultPicture from @danielagrozajewellery

This graduate collection from Daniella aims to promote inclusivity, highlighting the beauty of diversity and individuality within one’s body shape and skin tone, with the use of materials, and design shape. The work advocates inclusivity, equality and diversity, all the way from the materials used to the final design, creating bold ready to wear fashion statements.

IMG 6800 resultPicture from @danielagrozajewellery

Materials celebrate tone and colour through the use of different metals, including silver, gold, oxidised silver, 18 ct gold and red gold. The use of the Japanese Mokume-gane technique of blending and laminating different metal alloys to create marbled surfaces, illustrates the beauty of skin imperfections, and the hanger motif symbolises the rejection of society’s image of the “ideal woman” and instead offers the wider spectrum representing the female form: body parts with diverse proportions, lumps, bumps and stretch marks.
post2Asset 121 resultPicture from @danielagrozajewellery

Tracing metals back to their natural source is a large part of the creation process behind this jewellery, and Daniella is committed to using recycled materials, from silver scrap collected through time, right across to reclaiming family heirlooms.

Danielle Groza’s work can be viewed in more detail through her website, or Instagram.
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Lazoschmidl introduced their brand new coin embellished silk tunics, sweaters and mesh tops in their Autumn/Winter 2020 “Mister Sister” collection in January, and have since added to their collection with the glam rock inspired line-up of silver jewellery hand-made in Germany by Saskia Diez.
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Wednesday, 03 June 2020 13:21

Agapé Studio Launches a new Collection

Agapé Studio launches its third collection based on what defines the brand.
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Monday, 23 March 2020 15:08

Making A Statement With Phine Jewellery

Founded in November 2017, London based Swedish jewellery brand Phine is setting a new benchmark for Scandi Statement Jewellery, that is both empowering and fierce! 

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Wednesday, 02 October 2019 09:54

KLOTO - ION ‘An atom carrying electric charge’

KLOTO is a beautiful and contemporary jewellery brand which seeks to merge elegant sophistication with industrial design.

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