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Glastonbury glam: summer skincare tips

Festival season is here, and we are bursting at the seams for some sun, romantic acoustic serenades and wholesome summer vibes.
young people at a festivalPh. Johan-Mouchet (Unsplash)

Glastonbury kicks off today and many blessed humans will be there enjoying the air and epic talent and dear goodness, the line up this year is enviable. While the other lot of us will be watching the tv coverage in a cool room surrounded by pop corn and iced tea, those enjoying the experience need to plan in advance to protect their skin.

Prolonged time in the sun, colourful glittery makeup, and limited access to sinks or showers can play havoc with your skin.

Being present within the music vibes and the summer heat can put your usual beauty routine to the wayside, but we share practical ways that promise not to compromise on fun or your beautiful face.

When you're camping for the weekend with limited amenities, you don't have to forgo your usual skincare or break the bank finding expensive solutions. Natural beauty experts from The Organic Pharmacy share their top money-saving tips for keeping your skin glowing and healthy this festival season.

Sun Protection

woman putting sunscreen on her armPh. Mikhail Nilov (Pixels)

While the Great British weather might have the other plans, ideally your weekend will be spent under clear skies and dazzling sunshine. If you're fortunate enough to miss the infamous Glastonbury downpours this year (or even if it's cloudy), the first thing you should always pack for your on-the-go skincare is sun protection.

At festivals there tends to be minimal shade, and aside from spending a few hours in the dance tent or catching some shelter under a tree, it's likely that you'll be out in the sun for the whole weekend. It's therefore vital to bring sun cream with high SPF to protect your skin from powerful UV rays. Aim to bring different products for your face and your body, as face sun creams are designed to be less oily and are often a higher SPF. It's recommended to use factor 50 on your face to protect its more delicate skin, and it's even better if you can pair this with a big, floppy hat to bring some movie-star glamour to the festival fields.

Travel Size Bottles You Can Decant Your Best Products In

Person Pouring suncreen from a Plastic TubePh. Moose Photos (Pixels)

Rather than re-buying your whole skincare collection in smaller travel sizes, invest in a set of reusable tubs and bottles that you can decant your standard-size products into. There are plenty of affordable sets online, and they not only save lots of valuable space in your backpack (so you can squeeze in that extra pair of shoes), but they can also prevent the costly mistake of losing or damaging your favourite full-sized products.

If you buy a set of these bottles in 100ml volumes, they're also perfect for hand luggage allowances when jetting off on your next summer holiday. Simply rinse them out once you've used all the product inside and reuse them for going through security at the airport.
Keep it light, simple and hydrated

Long queues for the shower and toilets are an inevitable part of the festival experience, and so completing your usual ten-step cleansing routine might seem like a bit of a long shot. Instead, try to strip your regime back to the absolute basics, opting for one reliable cleanser, moisturiser, and your trusty SPF. This way you're not trekking to the showers with a huge holdall of products.

Similarly, it's best to keep your makeup lighter at festivals, as adding heavy foundation is bound to clog your pores and cause breakouts after a muddy, sweaty weekend dancing in the sun. Tinted moisturisers or BB creams are a great alternative to full coverage foundation, and for any spots or dark circles simply add a touch of concealer wherever needed. As for lip care, opt for a hydrating natural gloss or balm rather than a matte lipstick, so that your lips stay moisturised, hydrated, and plump throughout the day.

Go Green And Biodegradable

reusable cleansing padPh. SHVETS Production (Pixels)

We've all seen the upsetting images of waste and rubbish leftover by festivalgoers, so to avoid contributing to this, try and use eco-friendly products wherever possible. Wipes are admittedly the most convenient way to remove makeup, sweat, and impurities when camping, but be sure to choose biodegradable alternatives as standard varieties are notoriously bad for the environment.

Similarly, investing in a set of reusable cleansing pads is not only a more sustainable option, but this can save you from buying endless packs of cotton pads over the long term too. Simply bring a set of reusable pads in your festival bag to use with your favourite cleanser, rinse them off in the sinks, and take them home to wash with your clothes at the end of the week.

Stay Hydrated With Water And Some More Water

woman drinking waterPh. Gustavo Fring (pixels)

Aside from sun protection and packing light, moisturising products, it's also important to stay hydrated during a festival like Glastonbury. As well as preventing heatstroke and the dreaded hangover, drinking enough water does wonders for keeping your skin fresh, hydrated, and clear. Aim to drink around two litres a day and bring a reusable bottle with you to fill up at water stations dotted throughout the festival. Some brands even make collapsible bottles which are great for saving space in your burgeoning backpack. Face mists infused with cucumber or aloe vera are also a great way to beat the heat and quench thirsty skin on the go. For an extra money-saving tip you can easily make DIY face mists, by mixing ingredients like green tea, coconut oil, and witch hazel in a small, refillable spray bottle.

"As summer finally rolls around, so does the long-awaited return of festival season. If you're taking to the fields at Glastonbury or any other music festival this year, you may be wondering how to maintain your usual beauty routine when you're camping, covered in glitter, and constantly on the go."

"Sun protection, travel size products, and eco-friendly alternatives are just some of the fundamentals of festival skincare. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can keep your skin healthy, glowing, and nourished without breaking the bank this summer." -Margo Marrone, Co-Founder of The Organic Pharmacy

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Protect Your Skin From The Sun This Summer

Summer is coming…any time now the weather will get warmer, and we will once again be able to sit in the garden and in parks, bearing our skin to the hot sunlight. For a lucky few, there may even be a summer holiday on the cards this year as well, either in the UK or abroad.

No matter where you will be worshiping the sun this summer, it is very important to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays from the sun, by using sunscreen.

Why Use Sunscreen?

mayur gala 2PODhmrvLik unsplash
Photo by Mayur Gala, Unsplash
According to the Skin Cancer Foundation; “Sunscreen reduces your overall UV exposure and lowers your risk of skin cancer and sun damage”.

It is important to note that everyone should wear sunscreen on a daily basis from the age of 6 months and up. This is because the suns UV rays which are synonymous with skin cancer build up over years, and sunscreen can stop those harmful rays from prematurely aging and damaging our skin throughout our lives.

Which Sunscreen Should I Use?

It is recommended that we should all use sun protection of SPF 15 or higher, on exposed skin every day.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, and the number after it; “refers to the theoretical amount of time you can stay in the sun without getting sunburned. For example, an SPF of 15 would allow you to stay in the sun 15 times longer than you could without protection”. (One Medical)

Finding the right sunscreen for you depends on several things:

  • The type of skin you have (ie oily, Acne prone, dry etc)
  • Your likelihood of burning without any protection
  • Your age
  • Time spent in the sun
  • The time of year
  • Face or body sunscreen (or both)

Take a look at our selection of fabulous sun screen options for various skin types, and needs, and get shopping for the summer!

Pharmaceris S Medi Acne Protect SPF 50+



Fashions Finest Says: A great daily facial sunscreen option for dry, acne prone, oily or combination skin.

A high protection factor, protective face cream recommended for acne-prone, oily and combination skin with a tendency to shine and occasional blemishes.

Pharmaceris S Medi Acne Protect sunscreen is designed for skin which requires a very high level of protection from intense sunlight and harmful UVA/UVB radiation.

It can also be used when recovering from anti-acne treatments or undergoing a drug therapy that requires the highest level of sun protection.

The cream protects the skin by minimizing the risk of adverse reactions associated with sun exposure, including irritation, sunburns and sun rash. The formula helps to normalize sebum secretion and restore the healthy function of sebaceous glands, providing an immediate and long-lasting mattifying effect.

Ingredients include Octopirox, which has strong antibacterial properties and relieves the symptoms of seborrhoeic dermatitis, and the Immuno-Prebiotic Formula contributes to the restoration of a healthy cutaneous microbiome.

The cream hydrates, nourishes and regenerates the skin, while working against dryness and hypersensitivity.

Bioderma’s Photoderm Range

Screenshot 2021 04 14 at 200840

Fashions Finest Says: A good choice of everyday sunscreen for the face and body, with a wide choice of products for the whole family.

Bioderma’s Photoderm range is the perfect selection of sunscreen products for the whole body. With a large choice of products that offer high UVA and UVB protection, and are both light and nourishing for the skin while also giving you and your family the sun protection they need.

Bioderma Photoderm’s MAX Sun Mist spray-on sunscreen (SPF 50) is suitable for the face and body, and can be used on-the-go. It offers high-level protection with a minimal-fuss application. The transparent and lightly scented mist has a refreshing and hydrating texture.

Bioderma Photoderm AKN Mat - Matifying Fluid (SPF 30) was created especially for facial skin, it guarantees optimum protection from the sun, by protecting against sunburn, and combating the onset of premature ageing.

The sun screen regulates sebum protection and improves the quality of sebum in order to prevent spots, helping to keep the skin clear and healthy.

Bioderma Photoderm Max Aquafluid (SPF50+) is an oil-free, water-resistant sunscreen for the whole body, and for all skin types, and an ideal choice for those with fair, sensitive or sun intolerant skin.

The sun protectant’s fluid texture feels as light as water but a synergetic combination of three powders gives the formula a mattified dry touch finish that is water resistant, fragrance-free, paraben-free, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and oil-free.

Shop the whole Bioderma Photoderm range here.

DermaQuest’s 2-in-1 Tinted Sunscreen

Screenshot 2021 04 14 at 200719

Fashions Finest Says: A great sunscreen for wearing under make-up on your face and neck.

Get excited about fresh air again and ease your way back into the outdoors with this tinted SPF 30 broad-spectrum protection with a sun-kissed complexion!

This sunscreen not only softens signs of aging, but also has a restorative effect on your skin’s previous sun exposure. The texture is light enough to wear under makeup, and tinted to help provide an even skin tone to your skin.

DermaQuest’s 2-in-1 tinted sunscreen harnesses the power of zinc oxide to guard and protect your skin by blocking harmful UV rays from penetrating the skin, and innovative InfraGuard provides infrared, blue light and pollution protection.

Combining organic Sunflower Sprouts with Tara Tannins from the Peruvian Andes, InfraGuard inhibits cell damage by blocking the formation of free radicals and supporting mitochondrial functions within the skin.

While shielding against environmental aggressors, the sheer tint effortlessly evens out complexions and leaves skin with a luminous glow. The mineral based sunscreen absorbs quickly, working to shelter your skin.

Delph Sunscreen And After Sun Lotion:

Screenshot 2021 04 14 at 201017

Fashions Finest Says: A great budget option sunscreen for the whole family.

Delph sun care and after sun is vegan, waterproof, sweatproof and won’t cause heat rash. It has a lovely lemon scent to it, and is not sticky when applied to the skin.

With SPF 30, and 50 both available, at a very modest price, Delph sunscreen is a great option for the whole family, right from the very youngest member.

Dermatologically tested to medical standards and not on animals, Delph sunscreen is one of 7 sun creams that can be prescribed by Doctors as safe for use by people with medical skin conditions. This sunscreen allows pores to breath and doesn’t cause prickly heat.

Delph after sun lotion and gel moisturises and soothes the skin, when applied after exposure to the sun, and contains a gentle rehydrating formula with added anti-inflammatory soothing properties, moisturisers, Aloe Vera and vitamin E to prevent peeling and reduce the ageing effects of the sun.

Katherine Daniels Daily DNA Defence SPF30

KD AUG2019 Products 008 DailyDNA

Fashions Finest Says: Great as a daily face and neck cream, especially kind to mature skin.

An invisible veil of advanced photoaging technology to defend, repair and protect your skin from the damaging effects of UVA & UVB, blue light and pollution, perfect for every-day wear.

The active DNA defence and repair enzymes work to defend skin’s DNA with broad spectrum SPF 30 during UV, pollution and blue light exposure from smart phones and computers.

Daily DNA Defence cream contains powerful anti-oxidant and anti-free radicals, as well camomile extract & tocopherol acetate which helps to soothe redness caused by UV radiation and pollution.

Use this non-comedogenic and fragrance free cream as a part of your daily routine, to see and feel the difference.

EarthBits Sunscreen

IMG 5033 1024x

Fashions Finest Says: An all-natural, eco-sunscreen option. Also a good choice for those with extremely sensitive skin.

EarthBits sunscreen – Shade - is made of only 4, naturally natural ingredients, which are shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax and naturally occurring zinc oxide. This SPF25 sunscreen ticks all of the boxes as an eco-sunscreen.

Great for use all year round, in summer to protect from sun rays, and throughout the colder months to prevent sun and wind damage to the skin, EarthBits Shade sunscreen is totally cruelty free, and 100% biodegradable too, helping to protect the environment and marine life.

Shade was developed to provide a natural sunscreen option, with no un-natural chemicals involved. It also comes packaged in a fully recyclable, non-leaching aluminium tin.

Shade is a natural, healthy product that will keep both you and the planet healthy and protected every day.

Stay safe in the sun this summer, and enjoy the great outdoors together with those you love.

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How To Select An Anti-Aging Skincare Product

Purchasing an anti-aging product in the current market may feel hit-or-miss experience.

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