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How To Wear Black in a More Interesting Way

There are always fresh style ideas that earn the title of being the “new black” when they have the potential to become timeless, and for a good reason – black is, indeed, timeless in its simplicity, elegance, and sophistication. That is why people who love wearing all-black outfits will never look out of place or anything less than stylish.

5 Styling Tips to Wear an All Black Outfit in a More Interesting Way resultNikita Shirokov, Unsplash

Black remains the one and only hue that will never go out of style and that you can wear for practically any occasion – yup, even in wedding dresses, black sparks joy.
However, there’s no reason to stay in a single hue lane when you choose that full black look. You can mix and match with other colors in a less conspicuous way, through accessorizing, footwear, makeup, and the like. So, to help you with refining your all-black look, we’ve listed a few tips to serve you for any occasion!

Add Some Sheen And Texture


Add some sheen and texture resultMike Palmowski, Unsplash

Black is one of the most versatile hues you can wear, but few people think of it as something that can come in different shades or versions. That said, you can make sure that your wardrobe isn’t brimming with exclusively one shade of black, and no texture at that. Plus, why not experiment with shimmer?

Black can come with all kinds of built-in sheen depending on the fabric of choice, such as the naturally glossy satin and silk, while cotton is matte and easy to match with, let’s say, black jeans that come in charcoal instead of ink black. Try out textured black with frills, or crushed velvet with its unique texture combo.

Seasonal Accessories To The Rescue

Seasonal accessories to the rescue resultLona, Unsplash

Who says you cannot look lovely during winter? In fact, the sheer selection of cozy accessories can add a new level of warmth to your look. Think: wool hats and scarves, gloves, ear warmers, all kinds of leg warmers, etc. You can spruce up your winter look with more than your black basics, so make sure that your add-ons are not just purposeful, but vibrant, too!
Once the warmer months kick in, you can swap your warm accessories with a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun’s nasty rays away from your face, not to mention eyewear in many hues and patterns, as well as purses and backpacks in all shades of the rainbow.

Bauble Up Your Black Look

Bauble up your black look resultJoshua Rondeau, Unsplash

Jewellery is by far the most creative outlet for giving your black outfits a more personal, authentic dimension. All the colorful bracelets, earrings, and layered necklaces make it a dream come true to diversify that all-black wardrobe of yours. However, unlike mass-produced accessories, only unique baubles can truly epitomize your personal look.
Think of all the black as a sophisticated canvas, and then you can design your own locket that will become the pinnacle of your style expression. It can commemorate an important relationship, a milestone, or merely hold the image of someone you love to motivate you in difficult times. The beauty of it is its authenticity and uniqueness, making it by far the most creative way to step outside of your all-black comfort zone.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Put your best foot forward resultNajla Cam, Unsplash

While it’s true that most practical people pick black, brown leather, and gray as their go-to footwear colors because it’s simpler to combine that way – if you’d like to expand your palette and your options, then shoes will help you diversify your otherwise black look. An easy way around is to go for nude or beige shoes that are also easy to wear with pretty much anything, and yet they naturally add some contrast to your all-black combo.

However, for a more vibrant option, you can pick bright colors such as lilac, neon green or pink, or perhaps burgundy and emerald for a classier vibe. Even patterns on your shoes can be wonderful with your black look, so animal print shoes, polka dots, and stripes can look great!

Let Your Makeup Do The Talking

Let your makeup do the talking resultAndrey Zvyagintsev, Unsplash

If you take great care of your skin, then the glow of your complexion is probably more than enough to complement that black outfit of yours. However, you can always reach for a few simple, yet impactful makeup items in your beauty ensemble and elevate your look with a touch of color – but not too much. For instance, red lipstick goes stunningly well with anything and everything black, and the occasion doesn’t matter.

Then again, you can add a little black liner and mascara to emphasize your eyes, and a touch of shimmer in your natural skin tone to bring some brightness to your lids, and you’ll be good to go for a fabulous, glam event. If you’re playful by nature, even less conventional shades on your lips such as bright orange, pink, and even purple can work well with your black tones.

Minimalism in the shape of all-black tones still leaves plenty of wiggle room for creativity in details. A touch of shimmer or a silver necklace, and you’ll have an outfit that can be transformed into a true reflection of your personality. Have fun with all those little black dresses, pantsuits, and athleisure, and you’ll find that there’s nothing dull or monotonous about black – as long as you start exploring your look from new perspectives!
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