Hailing all the way from Kathmandu in the Himalayas, Mishu Shrestha is the first-ever Nepalese designer to take part in London Fashion Week.

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Thursday, 18 August 2022 08:19


TAUMETI is culturally dynamic group of fashion designers whose uncommon vision drives the heart of their craft. Elevated passion and lucrative discipline produce both statement and pieces in their signature fashion and beauty collections. Creative Director Amenta B. blends together a melody of culture, art and fashion with designers AFRO.LUX.TRAP (ALT), Cristian Sanaa and Dulzura Concept who make up the house that is TAUMETI.

​About. Amenta B. Cutliff // A true artist at heart, she expresses her imagination through a mixed bag of works. Her aesthetic expresses grace, embodies culture and celebrates sensual femininity. She uses texture, print and color to communicate perspectives of beauty, culture and luxury. A child of two nations, her influences reflect multiple heritages and places.

AFRO.LUX.TRAP (ALT) // is Regal style for the Edgy Sophisticate. Established in 2021, designer, Amenta B. makes beautiful things with care. Her designs take cues from natural motifs, symbols, language, and culture. Her signature sporty lux clothing collections are versatile staples, that can be up or down styled, to fit however you want to feel in the moment.

CRISTIAN SANAA // Cristian Sanaa is where art meets fashion. Phealls Phree, a visionary designer, has been creating visual art for over 20 years and fashion accessories for 10 years. His inspiration derives from working with geometric patterns, the golden ratio, and mixed mediums. The name of the brand celebrates his daughter and translates from Swahili to “beautiful art”. He creates stunning hand-etched brass, copper, and silver jewelry along with traditionally-crafted leather work of distinctive exotics with a modern twist, no two creations are exactly the same.

​DULZURA CONCEPT // created by designer Rashidat Enifeni, born in Nigeria, and relocated to the U.S.A in 2016. She specializes in custom styles for special occasions. She works with beads, stone, tulle and many other materials adding embellishments that create a dramatical effect. Dulzura Concept is custom luxury couture looks for all occasions.

About The Collection

ADORNED SPRING/SUMMER 2023 COLLECTION – is a vibrant selection of hand-crafted leather bags, signature sporty lux looks and bold evening wear. A staple blend of versatile statement pieces that experiment with fluidity, exploring design through a sensuous balance of print, colours and texture.

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Monday, 15 August 2022 11:23


Kevin Guzman, (born June, 4, 1996, Bogota, Colombia), Fashion designer that displayed collections in Lithuania and Spain. Fashion design graduate from Barcelona, Worked on various international clothing brands, and creator of VIKTRA in 2020.

UNDEFINED is a protest to an unpredictable future that lives in this collection, that describes the lifestyles in a world without conglomerates and mega franchises, a time ahead where industrialisation burned the past. UNDEFINED talks about a tribe of scavengers that create their style with what they hunt around them, repurposing their outfits, refining the textiles left and giving life to the unwanted fabrics and garments left in this dystopian world.

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Tuesday, 09 August 2022 10:20

Haus of Junon

Haus of Junon is Your Elegance, Unearthed. A bespoke bridal company founded by identical twins and crystal enthusiasts, Elizabeth and Abigail. Haus of Junon specializes in both delicate gemstone jewelry and over the top statement pieces with the power to make you look and feel your most opulent. Abigail & Elizabeth value the process and handmake everything by themselves in their New York studio, even mining as many of their own gems as they can. 

Inspired by fairytales, old Hollywood glamour, the mythological and the fantastical, the twins' goal is to bring more magic into life through their work. They know the transformative power of both crystals & clothing and believe that with the right piece everyone can feel like royalty. Born in the wrong era, in this lifetime Abigail & Elizabeth have always been drawn to items of the past. For this collection they have reworked carefully curated vintage pieces to pair with their multifaceted creations. The treasures from another time under their new crystalline magic conjures ethereal layers of beauty that will charm & enchant you. 

Their work can be found on Instagram and Tiktok.

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Saturday, 06 August 2022 09:03

Somy London

Somy London is a luxury made-to-order brand that aims to tells stories and sends a message through designs. Somy London tells the story of the world through the eyes of Somy London, using inspiration taken from all different cultures across the world and showcasing those cultures unique style of elegant, power and beauty. Being an innovative, made to measure, deconstructed luxury brand that intertwines masculinity and femininity, Somy London’s branding is directed towards red carpet events using high profile avant-garde\couture bespoke pieces made out of sustainable fabrics and materials.  

Somy London bespoke service is for those who are looking for a timelessly elegant garment, perfectly tailored to flatter and enhance clients’ figures.

About The Collection

Peer through the eyes of Somy London as she reveals the beauty that can be found in embodying the complimentary nature of the duality, the masculine and feminine. Showcasing the complexity of life, the richness of interconnecting cultures and identities, and how these different elements combined with appreciation, empower the collection and its wearers.


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Tuesday, 02 August 2022 10:55


Aroosa Naushahi, the designer of the luxury fashion brand AROOSA is making her debut at this year's London Fashion week.

From the young age of 7, Aroosa has been inspired by the women in her life, as they introduced the fashion industry to her by creating hand made garments and dresses for her to wear for all occasions. She was taught at a young age to sew and pattern cut from her mum and aunties; this was the start of where her passion for designing began.

Aroosa has continued to pursue her dream as a fashion designer over the years, by studying and obtaining a degree in Fashion Design, creating several designs of her own and launching her own fashion brand.

About The collection

The Nottingham based designer is launching her first S/S 23 collection, which is made up of summer and evening wear for special occasions. The collection includes dresses, jumpsuits, bodysuits and bottoms, inspired by a combination of cultures, as the designer has grown up embracing both Western and Eastern lifestyles.


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Tuesday, 02 August 2022 09:51

Gent London

GENT London is a new unisex sustainable fashion brand. Its aims are to harness the vibrancy of international art and combine it with iconic fashion, bringing together some of the most talented street, modern and contemporary artists from around the world to rework classic iconic pieces and bring their unique vision to everyone.

Customising clothing isn’t new; it’s always been around. GENT London is different!

GENT London aims to give everyone the chance to own something unique. Art is traditionally viewed within the confines of a gallery or hanging from a wall. Instead, GENT London provides its clients with wearable works of art, transforming them into canvas and the streets into the gallery. These are bespoke pieces created by hand, exclusively designed and signed by the artist. Never have our artists collaborated in this way before.

GENT London has seen a significant shift in the fashion industry towards environmental awareness and global consciousness, with recycling efforts and sustainability being the core deliverable of many major fashion houses worldwide. GENT London aims to uphold these values as the brand grows.

All GENT London items are luxury vintage and provide a unique canvas for artists to shift their medium, breeding new life into classic pieces. GENT London’s attention to detail is a big focus, with all vintage items being upcycled with unique adornments such as replacement buckles, updated stitching, and the inclusion of serialised holograms and Blockchain authentication.

“GENT London aims to showcase its artist's amazing talent and create a new exclusive line for the fashion industry that brings together the talents of renowned artists and a wider talent pool of rising stars too.”

About The Collection

For LFW 2022, GENT London is super excited to collaborate with the artist and TikTok sensation, Girl Scout Shoes, who will be creating a unique collection of footwear just for this event. Onnika Caldeira will design a bespoke range to compliment the artwork and colour palettes of the GENT London pieces. Girl Scout Shoes will inject her unique style and bring fun, colour and a celebration of individuality to the runway!

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Tuesday, 02 August 2022 09:38

Haus of Ra

Haus of Ra is a luxury womenswear brand that specialises in bespoke garments. The brand adopts traditional couture techniques while fusing them with more modern media techniques for the garment construction. In celebration of couture Haus of Ra also specialises in making prints while emphasising in hand embroidery techniques adopted from South Asia as well those practised in ateliers of western artisans. The fabrics are sourced from family run farms that cultivate cotton, wool and silk. The brand prides in self having a sustainable ethos by implementing socially responsible policies. The artisans in the east are celebrated for their craft where the brand makes sure that their skill is not exploited both intellectually and/or financially. Haus of Ra is a fashion house that aims to innovate couture while being respectful to its traditional roots.

While the Haus primarily functions as a fashion label offering retail of fabric and haberdashery along with bespoke services like tailoring, alterations, digital printing, hand pleating and jewellery making, it also serves as a creative production and mentoring agency connecting creatives like photographers, models, hair and make up artists, musicians , fine artists, stylists etc to aid start-ups and established designers and fashion labels in producing not only just product but aid their business with tools for growth too.  

Haus of Ra was founded under the creative direction of Raahim Khan in 2016 with the launch of the brand at London Fashion Week AW16/17 ,after his departure from his medicine studies, and now a graduate with BA Hons Fashion Design and Technology degree from London College Of Fashion (class of 2022) . As a Pakistani born Raahim Khan grew up around bespoke hand-crafted wedding gowns and garments which is why he holds the traditional couture phenomenon close to his design aesthetic. 


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Monday, 01 August 2022 15:20

Dezigns by Kamohoaliʻi

Dezigns by Kamohoaliʻi share foundational values of Hawaiian culture to its audience through art and design. Created by world renowned Hula Master Kumu Micah Kamohoaliʻi his line of clothing strives to educate in the ways of Hawaiian designs, metaphoric imagery, cultural significance with strong symbolisms and interpretations.

Dezigns by Kamohoaliʻi encompass Hawaiʻiʻs natural environments and honour the excellence and brilliance of the Hawaiian people. Kamohoaliʻi’s passion for art led him into graphic design and his family’s legacy in Hawaiian bark cloth (Kapa) led him into fashion. While merging these two elements the birthing of this company was formed. Dezigns By Kamohoalii feature layers of ʻike kuʻuna or traditional Hawaiian knowledge imbedded in each design and inspired by his family’s mastery skills of with bark clothing pounding, bamboo stamping, and tattooing.

We honour the breath of life from our Kupuna by perpetuating, preserving, and retelling our ancient stories in the designs we wear on our clothing.

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Textiles and patterns speak of cultures and connect people at the antipodes under the sign of fashion. NaRaYa does it from Thailand and it is ready to hit the global market.

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