Caribbean Fashion Collections

Kingsley Cooper and Arlene Martin talk about the Jamaican and Caribbean Fashion at the Caribbean Collections Showcase as part of London Fashion Week 2012. They were here to promote designers, fashion and accessories made in the Caribbean and to tap into this international event to meet with trade press and buyers alike.

In the interview they both talk about the importance of getting Caribbean fashion on the international map to expose and promote the talent to a much wider audience. In addition they discuss the merits of having Jamaican athletes ahead of the Olympic sporting Jamaican designers, creating a win-win scenario for the fashion and sport sector alike to share on a global stage.

The event was funded by the Caribbean Export Development Agency and Jampro, organised by Pulse Investment Limited and Caribbean Fashion Industry Association.

Brands in attendance included:

Peace is of Bianca (Jamaica)
Drenna Luna (Jamaica)
Julan (Jamaica)
Posh Punk (Barbados)
Kaj (Trinidad and Tonago)
Meiling (Trinidad and Tobago)
Jenny Polanco (Dominican Republic)
VeVe (Haiti)
Michel Chataigne (Haiti)
David Andre (Haiti)
Sandra Kennedy (Jamaica)
Gavin Douglas (Trinidad and Tobago)
Atelier Dore (Suriname)


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