Sunday, 27 November 2011

Fighting Fear With Fashion

Mozaic Voices Fashion Show was all about raising awareness about violence against women and girls.
The event was held on the International Violence Against Women Day in order to highlight the importance of the stigma and misconceptions around violence against women and girls and encourage public participation and involvement in efforts to end it. Mozaic Voices were working with the fashion sector in order to raise awareness and encourage a diverse response.

This was also the 100th year for International Women's Day which held a greater cause for celebration and awareness raising.

It was important to source a wide range of designers and clothes, to reflect the different types of women who are affected by domestic violence; from evening gowns to suits. It will be a fantastically diverse show.

Here are some of the excellent enraging designers that took part in the show:

Jan Knibbs
Kamondi Couture
Jose Hendro(ethical designer) 
Cherish Kofaro
Nitu Mahashwari
Tamina Begum
Zara Joan Pinnock
Toni Doherty - recent graduate from Northern Ireland

Abbaanah Designs

Photo Credit: Trevor Griffiths iDeLick Media

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