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Add Some Flare To Your home By Bringing The Outdoor, Indoors

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Ph. Dobbies

When Christmas is over and all the decorations are down, it can often make the home look and feel very empty. So what better time than now to think about adding some sparkle to our homes with new season houseplants.

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Get creative and set the tone for a delightful 2022 by adding different varieties of plants to your space, guaranteed to bring the outdoor indoor and create a relaxing atmosphere to your home.

Claire Bishop Senior buyer shared her top tips on her favourite houseplants, and where she recommends you place them for maximum effect.

Tropical Rainforest Bathroom

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Calathea wavestar, £29.99; Phlebodium aureum blue star, £14.99; Cissus rhombifolia, £26.99; Tillandsia usneoides, £14.99; Calathea makoyana, £16.99; Hedera helix white variegated, £4.99; glass vase, £29.99; stoneware vase, £9.99; Meraki body wash, £18.99 and body butter, £21.99; Aery black oak and green bamboo candles, £25.99.

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Cissus rhombifolia, £26.99; Tillandsia usneoides, £14.99; glass vase, £29.99; Heavily meditated diffuser, £34.99; Northern Dawn body wash, £18.99; Northern Dawn body butter, £21.99; Rosemary bath mitt, £10.99; Black oak candle, £25.99; Green bamboo candle, £25.99.

Create a sanctuary in your bathroom by styling multiple houseplants around the space for a relaxing rainforest feel whilst soaking in the bathtub. The Calathea is a great choice for this space as not only does it feature visually striking foliage, but it also works as great air purifier. Tillandsia, also known as Spanish Moss, is also a fantastic plant for the bathroom, with long wiry stems that add dimension to wall spaces. By choosing fresh foliage in your bathroom and introducing climbing plants, you can create a tropical vibe that will have you imagining you’re bathing in the tropics.

Make A Statement In The Living Room

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Philodendron painted lady (limited edition), £49.99; Monstera variegata (limited edition), £299.99; Calathea fusion (limited edition), £59.99; Syngonium podophyllum albo variegata, £44.99; Calathea ornata, £29.99; Lisbon pots, from £5.99 to 12.99; Leon white pot, £8.99; Retro gold pot, £4.99; Cylinder groove green vase, £21.99; Angelina wall decoration £19.99; Fiesta velvet cushion £14.99; Pink velvet cushion £19.99.

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New season plants and pots from Dobbies Garden Centres

For many of us, our living rooms form the hub of our home, where we come together as a family to spend quality time with one another. Houseplants are a great way to brighten up these spaces and can work well to complement your existing home décor. An apothecary glass cabinet filled with rare houseplants can really make a statement in a room and create a showstopping display guaranteed to impress guests. Claire recommends layering different sizes of plants to create a full effect, such as Monsteras, Calatheas and Syngonium Podophyllum Albo.

Another easy way to make a statement in your living room is by styling a few large plants together in a corner for a pop of colour and life. By layering different textures and heights with plants like Monstera and Dypsis, you can create a dramatic effect that will elevate your interiors and purify the air at the same time.

Bring Zen To Your Home Office

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Calathea fusion (limited edition), £59.99; Syngonium podophyllum albo variegata, £44.99; Lisbon white pot, £7.00; Lisbon light grey pot, £7.99.

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New season plants and pots from Dobbies Garden Centres

With a lot of people continuing to work remotely, our home office spaces deserve some TLC. The area we work in should be filled with things that help us increase our productivity, and plants do just that. Houseplants have been proven to have major mood-boosting power, leaving people feeling overall happier by their presence. Claire suggests sprucing up the shelves above your desk with some small potted plants to bring a sense of zen your home office.

Breathe Life Into Small Spaces

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Beaucarnea recurvata in cocoz pot, £6.99; Ficus microcarpa ginseng in cocoz pot, £6.99; assorted stoneware, £8.99; stoneware round reactive glaze vase, £9.99.

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New season plants and pots from Dobbies Garden Centres

If you’re working with limited space, or simply want to add some low-fuss greenery to your coffee table, Claire suggests grouping together Succulents or small plants to create a mini jungle you can personalise to suit your style. Succulents such as the Echeveria and Euphorbia require little watering, meaning they’re perfect for first-time plant parents or those looking for some low-maintenance greenery to brighten up their living space. Potted plants like Sansevieria and Haworthia are also great for styling in smaller spaces and can be arranged on a side table to bring a pop of fun to your home.

Not your average garden centre, Dobbies has a wide range of new houseplants, guaranteed to brighten your indoor space and breathe life into your home this January, and is encouraging people to discover the range with #newyearnewplants to enhance their moods naturally through houseplants. Find out more at