Friday, 15 April 2011

‘Wow Factor’

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LVL Lashes – Minimum Fuss, Maximum 'Wow Factor', has created a storm in the beauty world by straightening rather than curling your natural lashes.
LVL Lashes has created a storm in the beauty world by straightening rather than curling your natural lashes. A wide-awake look that is completely natural and all yours! No false lashes, just stunning length, volume and lift to your natural lash. Who wouldn't love that?! It seems a host of stunning celebs agree...

LVL Lashes is an outstanding treatment that has revolutionised traditional lash perming by lifting and straightening lashes rather than curling them - which can actually make the lashes appear shorter. The treatment has been developed by the experts at Nouveau Lashes and it is perfect for those of us with straight lashes, or for anyone who can't get a lift to hold with eyelash curlers. It is also ideal for the summer months when you want maximum impact with minimum upkeep and fuss. The LVL Lash effect lasts for the life of your lashes, so up to six weeks.

Diane Plummer, Head of Training for Nouveau lashes said: "LVL uses the latest techniques and products to bring lash lifting into the 21st century. Traditionally clients who have wanted longer looking natural lashes have had to rely on lash extensions - LVL is a fantastic alternative for the natural lash."

LVL Lashes' exciting treatment has advanced vastly over the last 5 years. Further research and development has allowed Nouveau Lashes (who were the first company to launch a 'lash lifting system' in 2006) to give a more consistent and superior result. The LVL treatment process is designed to be as gentle as possible to your natural lashes, whilst at the same time giving an incredible, but also natural result:

• The Lifting Balm and Volumising Fix have greatly advanced now combining both with these formulas. Together they now achieve the perfect root lift rather than a curl. These products have been developed to cause the minimum amount of damage to the lashes ensuring they remain in good condition.
• Moisturising Serum This is applied to the lashes after the tint, this serum moisturises and replenishes the lashes at the end of the treatment allowing the shields that create the lift to be removed easily with no drag or pull on the natural lashes.

Bridgette Softley, the Director of Nouveau Lashes and one of the creators behind LVL Lashes commented: "Since we launched LVL Lashes it has proved to be an extremely popular treatment, not just for women but also within the fast growing male grooming sector."

One of the UK's best-known makeup artists Lisa Eldridge loves LVL Lashes so much she has featured a video of her having the treatment done on her website:

"This treatment is perfect for anyone who has incredibly straight lashes, or for anyone who just wants to appear more alert and wide awake without using eyelash curlers and mascara every morning." - Lisa Eldridge

An LVL treatment takes up to 45 minutes to apply and lasts for up to 6 weeks, depending on the length and quality of your natural lashes. LVL Lashes start from £40.