Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Sex And The City

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There had been a wild buzz around town about the release of Sex and the City 2.
Everywhere; the fashion and lifestyle channels, social networking sites, radio, you name it and you can bet they were talking about it.

In Lagos (Nigeria) we weren't "Dulling" ourselves either, we were especially excited because we had a special two night celebration specifically for the release of the second instalment of the movie.

The Sleek Diva was lucky enough to be invited the celebrations, on the first night I was to attend a fashion show with cocktails and music and each designer was to choose a character from the series and channel the character through their designs and pieces from the fashion show were to be auctioned off to the guests and on the second night I was going to attend the movie premiere.

It's show time and all the usual suspects from the style magazines where there despite the sudden change of venue. I had first hand information so I didn't go to the wrong place, I heard one of the TV presenters got lost at the other venue though - LOL
I swanned around looking very Divarish, drinks in hand and the odd chatter waiting for the show to begin - late as always, the show was supposed to start like an hour ago, Naija time as usual.

Finally, the it begun with the opening fashion show featuring a new designer who wasn't originally listed for the show, which made me think she was a last minute addition and as a certain "Silva" lady pulled out of the show for reasons best known to her. DIVA! Isoken's designs were lovely though. Good on her!

Wild child (I.k Osakioduwa) anchored the event and made us laugh with comedy relating to the Naija lifestyle. Kiki Kamanu wowed us with her eclectic designs and her contrasting colours effectively portraying Carrie Bradshaw.

The show ended with Ryan's brilliant designs by the House of Chappelle from the states. Just three designers, I think they kinda forgot that Sex and the City has 4 major characters.

Oh and the short black boy (M.I) entertained us with his smooth track "short black boy" which he did a little remix of with Marvin Gaye's sexual healing. Very appropriate for the evening!

Then it was auction time which didn't go very well because nobody really bought anything! The ladies didn't seem to be bothered about the pieces from the movie. I think the mistake the organisers made was to auction the pieces off in dollars (instead of Naira the local currency) but hey I don't know these things so I'd rather not say.

Overall, the ambience of the evening was good. It just had that calm, classy feel to it. Oh and the food was good, delicious kebabs if I might add but I wouldn't say u missed much if you weren't there.