Sunday, 08 May 2011

Women of Colour and Style 2011

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Welcome to Women of Colour and Style 2011 the fabulous new show for women of all different colours and cultures who love to pamper, love spending time and money on their hair, beauty and body.
We aim to have all that and more under 1 roof in London in 2011. Visitors can have makeovers, shop til they drop and pick up bargains; new fashions tips and try out the latest treatments to hit the UK.

London, 29th & 30th October 2011

In a climate where money is tight, the cost of food is rising at a rapid rate and we are worrying about our jobs, incredibly women are continuing to spend on hair, beauty & make up. The black hair & beauty industry alone is worth an estimated 70million and growing. As celebrities such as Rihanna & Beyonce regularly change their hair styles there is great demand for different colours and cuts to brighten up their lives.

Black women still have purchasing power in the cosmetics category and will be the anticipated largest share in the audience as they continue to look for new image changing brands. Sourcing make up that fits all skin tones is the single most frustrating problem women of colour have and we aim to look at exciting new brands at Women of Colour & Style.

"Loving the idea can't wait to get there." Emailed Caroline in Reading
"Oh, yes this is good news!" Lucia in Brighton

Nowadays a growing number of women are concerned about chemicals in their cosmetics, hair & skincare and more and more studies show how certain chemicals can penetrate the skin. Consumers require healthier, safer options to enable them to look their best without the worry. Organics and mineral makeup will be a hit at Women of Colour & Style. Visitors can visit the BEAUTY ZONE for the latest style trends and have a makeover, look out for beautiful must have beauty products and essential scrubs to keep away cellulite. Asian skin, black skin, mixed race skin, all skin colours ranging from kissable dark chocolate to lovely latte would like information, support and celebrity tips on the ultimate sweet smelling scrubs to perfect dry skin remedies. THE SKIN RETREAT will have it all. Incredible treatments ranging from Thai Foot massage to Airbrush make up will on offer to make you feel delicious before you leave.

Fitness T.V's FITNESS ZONE will offer creative ways to get in into that party dress, offer celebrity secrets and help you feel beautiful.

We will offer 600 hot tickets to competition winners during the run up to the show. Tickets will be on sale online from 10th July