Friday, 20 May 2011

Tree Of Hope Ambassadors

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The Tree of Hope Children's Charity's Ambassadors are pleased to announce that Bliss are now Ambassadors for the Tree of Hope Chldren's Charity.
After discussing their mission, their goal, and their vision, we agreed that Bliss would be an ideal "fit" to serve as spoke persons for this outstanding organization, says Greg Branch, Bliss's manager.

Bliss is an acronym meaning, "Beautiful, Luscious, Intelligent, Soul Sisters," is a carefully selected group of three very talented female R&B Singers. They write, act, choreograph, as well as sing!

The group was originally formed in Richmond USA and later moved to Atlanta to further pursue other musical opportunities, and has claimed Atlanta as home for the past five years. During this transition, they have mustered a fan base on the east coast from New York to Florida! And all the way back to Los Angeles, California!

The members of Bliss are Alexis Branch; aka Lex, who hails from Virginia, Falicia White; aka Cali, who hails from California, and Katrina Haley; aka T.Kay who hails from Louisiana. Each member brings individual creativity and finesse to the group. Their music distinguishes them from other artists because it is rich and full, realistic and diverse, and shares some interesting ! stories that all generations can enjoy and relate.

Bliss became a part of history when they were the only female group selected, to perform at the James Brown's 50th Anniversary Celebration in Augusta, Georgia on May 27th before his untimely death.

The most distinguishing characteristic about "Bliss!" is their ability to attract fans young and old. The persona and star power that exudes this group is remarkable! Each member has the creative ability to enhance each and every episode of their performance. They have the charisma and talent to draw crowds and win fans over, regardless of the venue.
They are a harmonious group who function with one spirit and one heartbeat. They are totally committed to the success of their group, and work toward perfection. The union among them is reflected in their music, their live performances, as well as through their daily lives:

Listen to this great release by Bliss, the Tree of Hope Children's Charity's Ambassadors.