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London College of Style

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Felicity PR
LCS has a first class reputation in delivering high quality vocational education, with some of the strongest industry experts helping shape syllabuses and training delivery.
LCS prides itself on being a hands-on, genuine training facility that is designed, developed and taught by its founder, renowned celebrity fashion stylist Wendy Elsmore. Working alongside Wendy are a dedicated team of educators who are selected as much for their expertise as their ability as brilliant teachers. They come from a variety of backgrounds, including fashion and costume designers, magazine editors, photographers, fashion show producers, celebrity fashion stylists, make-up artists, international models and celebrity guest speakers.

The LCS team is passionate about helping talented individuals succeed in the fashion styling industry and raising the standards of the industry. The training courses are prepared in close consultation with a host of industry experts to improve training quality, make courses more accessible and increase the likelihood of an actual career within the industry.

Spaces are currently available on the London College of Style E-learning and Foundation courses.

LCS Foundation in Fashion Styling course

This in-depth foundation course is suitable for complete beginners or those already working in the industry wishing to further their careers. The courses, available over 6 or 12 weeks, cover everything that is needed to develop a professional understanding of fashion styling. All students work on live styling jobs during study under the expert guidance of LCS. This helps to cement class room learning and make sense of the real working environment. These courses are intensive and cover all aspects of styling and the final section of the course includes a professional photo shoot. Students will be provided with their first photographic portfolio of fashion styling work. Students will also be equipped with the relevant contacts in order to assist in finding work once the course is complete. LCS students who demonstrate talent are also offered work placements and working opportunities on completion of study with LCS. Classes are structured to be small and intimate with limited spaces per course. This allows the students more time for hands on practice and lets them work at their own pace. The aim is to advise each student individually as to the area of the industry we feel best fits their skill set.


The London College of Style (LCS) e-learning foundation course in fashion styling is designed for individuals who want to pursue an exciting, glamorous and rewarding career in professional fashion styling. The LCS online learning system allows students with time or lifestyle constraints to improve their education without having to attend classes at a physical location and enrolment is open at any time. Students have the flexibility to study in their own environment with the support of designated LCS tutors. The course covers everything that is needed to develop a professional understanding of fashion styling. These courses are available through a combination of e-learning platforms to reflect modern trends in learning. International students and those unable to attend the college will be able to access their course online offering them fresh, exciting 24/7 learning. LCS e-learning students also have the option to attend the professional photoshoot with other LCS students towards the end of term in order that they may produce a professional set of images as the beginning of a working portfolio.

Check the London College of Style website for further information about courses, fees and enrolments.