Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Eki Orleans

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Felicities are thrilled to be working with the dynamic womenswear label Eki Orleans, a brand known for its bold, vibrant prints and soft silhouettes.
Eki Orleans design aesthetic is best expressed as young, fresh, feminine and elegant simplicity. Launched in 2007, Hazel Aggrey-Orleans, the founder and creative force behind the brand, has developed the brand from an initial scarf collection into a women's ready to wear label. This expansion allowed Hazel to showcase her unique ability to create one of a kind, stunning silk designs inspired by West African traditional prints.

Eki Orleans has now launched the capsule Wave Collection, inspired by Hazel's childhood memories of time spent by the beach on the beautiful Atlantic coastline. The combination of the turbulent and calm nature of oceanic waves is represented in the beautiful patterns of the collection and the key silhouettes evoke the flowing imagery of waves heading to shore. Indeed, with waves as her inspiration, Hazel has created a collection that is flattering, timeless and simply breathtaking.

The collection features a range of stunning, covetable dresses in beautifully tactile silks, creating delicate outlines that glide and drape the body. The collection also includes scarves, a pair of silk trousers and bikinis all in signature vibrant colours and prints.

Since the first collection, Eki Orleans has matured and perfected the signature style of fusing vibrant prints with the delicate texture of silk. Each collection represents the spirit and ethos of the Eki consumer, an independent, confident and sophisticated woman with impeccable style and taste. Such a consumer tends to turn heads and is the centre of attraction wherever she goes. Indeed, given that Eki means the centre of attraction, wearing an Eki dress only enhances the magnetic and beautiful spirit of the wearer.

Eki Orleans is a brand that will remain true to its ability to create clothing that flatters the feminine form while telling a bold, dynamic and sophisticated fashion story – definitely a label to watch!