Monday, 05 September 2011

And Man Was Created...

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Last week I attended the L'Altro Uomo book launch at the Mayfair Hotel in London.
I was so pleased to learn that this would be a black tie masquerade ball themed event. I decide to go for a long elegant black dress complete with vintage porcelain painted full face mask. The event was held in The Crystal room of the Mayfair. The room's centre piece was a very large chandelier accompanied by a few well placed wall mirrors. I walked in and was greeted with a choice of refreshments including a selection canapes. There were attendees of many backgrounds. Some guests were names and faces associated with editorial, fashion, business and even the theatre. A copy of L'Altro Uomo was available for guests to explore while they socialised. It's said that this new men's culture bible "is not aimed at any one section of society but is designed to embrace and appeal to men of all backgrounds and experience."

I found L'Altro Uomo to be 500 plus pages of testosterone and fearless masculinity.

With smart sections that cover Fashion, Design, Art, Health and Fitness, Politics, Current Affairs, Society, Relationships, Culture, Travel, History and Technology ,I have no doubt that this will appeal to every man that picks it up.

Following a shocking visual advertisement for the book we were treated to the musical talents of Simon Webb. Jerry Osei-Tutu, the creative man behind the book was on hand greeting all of his guests when they arrived. He gave a modest speech about the vision, his aim and the hard work of his team. One thing that stood out to me was his reasons for wanting everyone to wear a mask. He highlighted that he wanted everyone to look beyond physical beauty. I thought this was a wonderful thought to leave on everyone's minds.

The guests were given thank you gifts for attending and invited to an after party at the prestigious private club Mahiki to dance the night away.