Thursday, 22 September 2011

Fashion Like No Other

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The Innovative Arts & Cultural Firm - HART CULTURE C.I.C, was set up June 28th 2010 and inaugurated as a Community Interest Company.
Today The Innovative Arts & Cultural Firm is one of the youngest, leading firms in Arts & Cultural Engagement. The Founder - Ms Chermiah Hart FdA BA, was a budding Artist and aspirational Violinist from East London when Hart went the extra mile to set up the Foundation under the Community Links Trust. Hart says that she needed to start the foundation because "it was hard seeing Young People". Hart is of Caribbean heritage and was born in the East End of London - Newham.

Today HART CULTURE has hosted over ten Cultural Engagement events, given out over £10,000k in grants and now the official Event Management Team of 'The East London Lifestyle Festival', at Community Links' Headquarters. HART CULTURE will also have representation at 'The Festival of Life' – West London, at the end of September.

The Fashion Parade and Gala Dinner is set to be an exquisite event, showcasing the latest Designer collection of Arthlene Legair – the U.S CEO, of fashion house 'Legair Brand'.

HART CULTURE C.I.C's cultural engagement events have been attended by most Mayoral offices, Traditional African Leaders, MP'S, Councillors, local people, Community advocates and an array of Celebrities including Kwame Kwei Armah, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Adebayo Jones, Jocelyn Jee Esien, David Oyelowo (Passion of Christ/Spooks Hollywood Actor) and many more high achieving Ethnic Stars in the Arts field.

We invite the Press to the one day event at the dazzling City Hotel London in the heart of the Olympic Village's Cultural Centre to experience over 25 handmade, ethnic tailored dresses.

The dresses are elegant, Afro-sheek and wearable by any aspiring lady. The collection boasts printed patterns, wild colours, harmony and layers of fabric for the kick. Don't miss out on this ground breaking event at the End of London Fashion Week – the pinnacle of great revolutions in fashion to come.