Friday, 30 September 2011

Heidi Mottram SS12 collection "Superstition"

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Heidi Mottram is renowned for her covetable bags and purses which are designed in London and made out of luxurious, exotic, eco eel and salmon skin leathers.
Importantly Heidi Mottram only uses skins that are a bi-product, ensuring that the fish are not harmed for their skin and as no two skins are alike each bag is unique. With an ever increasing reputation for designing colourful, exclusive and luxurious bags, Heidi Mottram is driving her brand forward and the SS12 Superstition collection is evidence that this young designer is a name to watch.

The SS12 eel skin collection is inspired by superstition and luck as the skins are a luxurious, time-honored product that is associated with good luck and fortune. Heidi found inspiration for the collection from the wrapper, shape, texture and negative space of a fortune cookie. Each piece has a style name related to this theme, such as the midas, hope, fate and chance clutches, the fortune card wallet, the talisman ipad case and superstition key ring. As always the Heidi Mottram collection comes in a striking colour palette of fire brick red, orchid purple, midnight black, olive green and lemon sorbet.

With an already strong brand signature, this season Heidi Mottram launches a unique autograph to each piece with new silver branded, name plates on the outside of each piece. Also for this season only, a talisman gift in the form of a sterling silver, 4 leaf clover charm is nestled inside a pocket in the bag or purse. A Heidi Mottram bag is always a treasure to own and the new lucky talismans will add an enchanting quality that will charm her fans and have them flocking to buy the new season pieces.

For this season the limited edition 30/50 collection by Heidi Mottram has been named 'Magic' and includes a clutch and a long purse made from eel and salmon skins combined in either purple or taupe. The collection is limited to thirty bags and 50 purses worldwide and each collectable piece will come with a certificate of authentication stating the number.