Friday, 09 December 2011

Kelly Rowland My Big Break

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X Factor judge and global super star, Kelly Rowland... 
Kelly Rowland has spoken out about how she first got her big break in the music industry. Speaking exclusively to the team behind the 02 December Sessions, Kelly discusses why investing in new talent is important and offers advice to acts on breaking through in the industry right now - "Definitely self promote, find places to perform and get out there. Perform everywhere."

Can you tell us about the one moment that gave you a big break in your career?

It was firstly meeting Whitney and secondly performing on the Grammy's for the first time. You feel like you've really arrived in that moment because you're performing in front of your peers and these are the people that actually vote for you to get a Grammy Award. I respect the Grammy's so much.

Was performing live important for you when you were trying to get a name for yourself?

Absolutely. I just remember coming up with Destiny's Child and we would watch video tapes of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, The Jackson 5 and the Supremes and look at how they were having fun above anything but how they just commanded the audience and you have to embrace that as a performer and constantly work on that as well. It's pretty hard to go out there and do your first live performance. I mean you're performing in front of so many people but it's also important to have fun. You have to have fun.

People are saying right now that we need to nurture new talent more than ever because of record companies wanting to take less of a punt on new acts due to reduced budgets - would you agree and if so why do you think new talent is so important?

I think there are new ways to invest in new talent. I'm investing in myself. There used to be a time when record labels would shoot so many different video's and have more of a budget but it is all stripped down now. But when you believe in something you put money behind it.

What advice would you give to up an up and coming act trying to break through right now?

Definitely self promote, find places to perform and get out there. Perform everywhere. And YouTube - i constantly go on to YouTube to find new things and ideas, it's such a great inspiration.