Friday, 09 December 2011

Tree of Hope Children's Charity Song

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The Tree of Hope Children's Charity release Christmas song to raise money for suffering children.
Simon Mark Smith has recorded, free of charge, a new Christmas song on behalf of the Tree of Hope Children's Charity

The song is available for download from Saturday Noon

Listen to the song here

Simon Mark Smith from Eastbourne, the artist behind the new album, "Wonderful Life", has donated his services free of charge to the Tree of Hope Children's Charity, based in Bexhill on Sea. He has written and performed a new Christmas single titled, "Christmas Day" which is available for download now from iTunes and CDBaby.

The single is being released in order to raise funds for the charity that normally relies on donations from businesses and individuals. 70% of all profits generated from the single will be donated directly to the Tree of Hope Children's Charity.

A spokesperson for the Tree of Hope Children's Charity said, "We are over the moon to have such a talent recording a song to raise money on our behalf." He continued, "We think it is a great song that is really meaningful and the money raised will really help change sick children's lives here in the UK."

The song is sung by Simon Marks Smith and Rebecca Burge with additional backing by the Goll Sisters. The Tree of Hope has provided plenty of help to one of the Goll sisters, Katouche, over a number of years.

"My daughter Katouche was diagnosed with spastic diplegia following her birth trauma," explains her mother, Ngaio Goll. "This is cerebral palsy that mainly affects her lower limbs, and she has needed mobility support since she was two. She also had Erbs Palsy which affected her whole right arm. Her movement of the arm and her sensitivity to temperature and pain was severely reduced, and she suffered burns and had surgery to her hand as a result." She continued, "Thankfully, this is now minimised and she has full use of the arm and hand, although it is larger than her left arm and hand. She needs ongoing Conductive Education at the Peto Institute in Budapest, Hungary, and surgical intervention, to correct her feet, to loosen and lengthen muscles and correct her posture."

Katouche herself wrote to The Tree of Hope Children's Charity and said, "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to improve my walking once again. Since I have been here, I have progressed leaps and bounds."

The song has already caused a stir of interest generated by advance interest from Simon Mark Smith's fan base, who number over 90,000 on Facebook! This is backed up by the Tree of Hope Children's Charity who is actively promoting the single in order to benefit sick UK children and their families.

Jeremy Marris at The Tree of Hope Children's Charity said, "We believe if there is still life, then there is still hope and that is what our charity aims to bring to the children and families that we support. The extra money raised through Simon Mark Smith's Christmas song will help us to improve even more lives."

The single is released today, Friday 9th December and is hoped to be a big success with its mixture of melody and meaningful lyrics. A spokesperson at The Tree of Hope Children's Charity summed it up; "The single is available today in time for Christmas. Not only is it a great song but it's for a great cause and we encourage everyone to go to iTunes and CDBaby to purchase their copy for only 99p!"