Monday, 18 June 2012

The EdgeStick

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The EdgeStick is one of the most versatile tools on the market.
Many black women have memories as little girls of sitting at the stove, bracing for the impending sting (and resulting nasty scars) from the searing hot comb being used to straighten their hair. Those days are over, thanks to the EdgeStick – a salon-grade styling tool that allows users to straighten their edges and roots, even gently touch the skin without burning it.

What sets the EdgeStick apart from other styling tools is its unique double-comb design that protects the skin from the heated center ceramic rod. The combs' closely-placed teeth allow the EdgeStick to effortlessly straighten even the finest or shortest hairs along the hairline. Because the combs are not the heat source – unlike a pressing comb – the EdgeStick may be used closer to the skin than even tongs to smooth the hair.

The EdgeStick is one of the most versatile tools on the market. Its digital readout helps users accurately customize appropriate heat settings that range from 100°C to 225°C, in 5° increments, allowing the EdgeStick to be used on all hair types and textures, and making it is safe for hair that is naturally or chemically "relaxed", "pressed", "natural" or color-treated.

The EdgeStick is an ideal root control/touch-up tool for clients who:
  • Want to further extend the time between relaxers or hot presses
  • Have "natural" hair but don't want to permanently commit to straight hair
  • Use alternative chemical straighteners ("Brazilian" or "Keratin" treatments) and are left with kinky/fuzzy hair where the solution could not be applied
  • Want to blend kinky hairlines with silky hair extensions
  • Sweat during sleep or as part of an exercising regiment and want to quickly restore their "just left the salon" appearance.
  • Straightens edges closest to the roots with NO BURNS!
  • Enhanced ion output, contributes to shiny hair
  • Heats rapidly, maintains precise temp with memory heat setting feature
  • Grips comfortably for enhanced styling experience
  • Requires minimal work station space
  • Remains tangle-free during use at any angle or position
  • Allows discrete, protective storage, and carry
  • Provides precision heat control for use on all hair types, textures as well as chemically-treated, colour-treated and natural hair – regardless of the condition of the hair
  • Designed and manufactured by Suntek Global
  • Three Traditional Colour Options: Black, White, Pink
  • Limited Editions: Three Swarovski Crystal Colour Options: Black, White, Pink
  • Sold: Online (, Beauty Supply Stores, Salons
  • Voltage Availability: (European Market) 220V
  • MSRP: (EUR) £51.09