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Matthew O'Brien Britain's Top Designer Winner 2012

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Trevor Griffiths iDeLick Media
Matthew O'Brien is the first ever winner of Britain's Top Designer.
The competition was fierce and the evening was glamorous with fashionistahs from across the world attending Season One of Britain's Top Designer competition. It was an evening of splendour, elegance and high fashion statements being made by those that attended as everyone came out dressed to the hilt and ready to impress.

It has been 6 months of tension for the seven designers that made it through to the finale as they had to go through a rigorous selection process, as over 500 plus designers applied for a coveted place in the finale.

Once they had made it through then that is when the hard work really started as they had to prepare a specific collection for the competition, which was to be judged by an expert panel of judges led by internationally acclaimed designer Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah, international stylist Sonia Munafo, Louise Tilly a top Solutions Consultant and Chloe Dolloway, Fabric Buyer for Paul Smith.

The evening started with the designers going through a pre judging round where the judges went backstage and closely inspected the pieces the designers intended to show for quality and to see how they formulated their ideas by looking at their sketches, portfolios and questioning them about how they came up with their ideas.

After the prejudging round it went into the walk off and top models wore the clothes of the designers and the judges wilted it down from seven to four designers. The four designers that made it through to the final round were Lydia Cutler, Sally Ellis, Eva Cammarata and Matthew O'Brien. The judges had a tough time in deciding the runner up Sally Ellis and the winner Matthew O'Brien.

The designers and guests came from as far a wide as Scotland and included the best hidden gems that the UK fashion industry had to offer. Britain's Top Designer competition was unquestionably a standout competition of a high standard and will be talked about for months to come.
Deborah St. Louis, CEO of Fashions Finest, organisers of the competition, said: "The judges stated that Matthew's collection was of an exceptional quality. The style, structure and shapes of his clothes were amazingly creative and reflected architecture in so many ways, yet they also flowed gracefully on the models. He had an exciting, diverse portfolio and during the question and feedback round he demonstrated outstanding knowledge about the industry, was very confident and had a clear idea about the direction he wanted to take with his collection, a concept which he fulfilled. For all of these reasons, the judges announced Matthew was Britain's Top Designer."

It is hoped that by recognising such undiscovered and unrecognised talent that the industry would open its doors to even more diversity.

Fashions Finest Award Recipients Were:

Designer Name Brand Name

Eva Cammarata Eva Cammarata
Lydia Cutler Kemunto
Matthew O'Brien Matthew O'Brien
Larisa Guzova Larisa Guzova
Julia Lurenz Julia Lurenz
Sally Ellis Sve
Celia Da Silva Maniniha

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