Tuesday, 11 December 2012

"A goal without a plan is a wish."

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Set your goal, we will make a plan and with Timed fitness you will achieve it." – Jéan LK
Timed- Fitness London is an exclusive agency that provides a results driven mobile personal training service, designed by Jéan LK. Each fitness session is designed to achieve targets as quickly as possible and maintain an optimum level of fitness and wellbeing.

The Creator

The unique methodology used to create the tailor-made fitness regimes was developed by Jéan, with a mind to making fitness part of your lifestyle and more rewarding with visible results; fast.

With over 7 years experience in the industry; working with private clients and in some of the best training facilities in the UK and abroad Jéan is well placed, qualified and experienced to introduce his concept to the world. The wealth of knowledge at Timed-Fitness London is drawn from the Jéan's own experiences working with clients in: Dubai, Switzerland, New York, Cyprus & Africa.

The Nutrition

Of course for the best results, training has to be accompanied by a balanced diet: Timed-Fitness London can provide a healthy and sustainable meal plan developed by a qualified nutrionist, after a consultation, as part of the package; here they will receive tips and advice on everything from where to buy the freshest toxin-free ingredients, to portion control.

A New Lifestyle & Wellbeing

With the help of his team, Jéan will guide you through initial weight loss and subsequently the transition to maintaining high levels of fitness. But physical fitness and healthy eating is not the end. In order to look after your body and mind and to maintain motivation, top packages include massages, yoga, pilates and zumba.

Gym Management

The mobility of Timed-Fitness and the team is just one of the great features, but those who are lucky enough to have their own space can take advantage of another great service: gym management. Any space or room can be developed to optimize its potential and facilitate training; by way of consultation clients will receive the best advice on creating a multifunctional space or home gym and equipping it.


Richard Trobman - Partner Latham & Watkins LLP - "I have trained with Jéan for over a year and lost over 30 pounds and I am back in great shape. I have regained my love for training and never miss a session.

I have also signed up my 11 and 12 year old daughters for a Saturday boot camp, which they are also learning to love." Rachel Richardson, Editor Fabulous Magazine - "At 33 I don't think I've ever been as fit as I am now, and that is down to the work I've done with Jéan. I lost 9lbs within six weeks when I first started to see him and with just one hour long session a week I've maintained that loss and improved my body shape. If I do say so myself I now don't look half bad in a bikini!" Victoria Barker - Fashion Designer - "I've always been quite a slim build but having hit my 30's, I definitely noticed that my body wasn't as firm as it used to be. Training twice a week with Jean has not only made me the fittest I've been in years but also toned up my problem areas."

James Booth - Progressive Management LTD - "At 6'3 gaining weight had always been an issue but after a shaky start due to work commitments I knuckled down with Jéan and his nutritionist to reach my targets. The timed 24 package was perfect as it not only helped me hit my targets but it also gave me the knowledge I needed to train confidently by myself when needed." 

The Timed 24 package is priced at £2040 and Timed- Fitness London would like to offer a 10% discount to all Fashions Finest readers who book a package, so remember to mention Fashions Finest.