Saturday, 23 March 2013

She Adores to perform at Fashions Finest Renaissance

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She Adores is a British Pop duo from London comprising of singer/Songwriter Natz and multiinstrumentalist Toshi. 
Natz, comes from a traditional church family. Having grown up in the church, secular music was something new to Natz as it was strictly prohibited. So to make the change to secular music was a big leap.

Toshi was born in Japan and sent to England to be educated at Summerhill Democratic School.

Feeling homesick he came across an old guitar and taught himself to play to the Rolling Stones.

Then he taught himself to play the bass guitar. This lead to him performing with funk and hiphop bands such as Def Tex.

The two met by chance in a London rehearsal studio and started a spur-of-the-moment jam session. At the time Natz was looking for a musician to write with. They had an overwhelming sense of togetherness, were impressed by each other's skills, and were excited about the possibilities of collaborating. They worked on other projects before forming She Adores.

Their debut album will explore their belief that in order to be strong in love, you must be vulnerable in love, The music shows off Toshi's lush guitar skills and Natz's rich & powerful voice. Musical influences include Lenny Kravitz, Bob Marley, Talking Heads and Prince.

She Adores have played sold out gigs in Japan. They have also played in Europe, the USA and London. The duo perform acoustic sets and with a band.

Find out more about She Adores and listen to their music here >

TICKTS: Get your ticket to see She Adores perform live at Fashions Finest Renaissance 21 April Jewel Bar Piccadilly Circus.