Friday, 18 October 2013

Up and coming Artist Deleelah to perform at Fashions Finest Awards 2013

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My name is Deleelah and I have a passion for singing Soul and Rnb music. I am currently working on an album to showcase my writing and recording skills.
I regularly play original material at the Arcola theatre in Dalston London every month, and frequently play in a Jazz venue in London both with bands. My desire is writing love songs. My ambition is to make great music that is timeless, conventional and contemporary.

At the age of 13 I began listening and learning Jazz and Blues whilst performing at Oval Theatre until the age of 15 where I acquired a lot of my confidence and fundamental singing techniques. "Music is Liberating, Honest and Universal", this saying has stuck with me and inspired me to believe in myself.

My interest in music production started on a course called Lambeth Plug-in at the age of 15, I made my first track accompanied with my own lyrics, since then I have invested in my own home studio where I continue to do my own recordings, vocal warm-ups and productions. My various talents began emerging after I received an A* GCSE in Music and Production theory. Then on I attained an A-Level in Photography, in which my eye and ear for detail continued to prominently show my creative side. From then I knew I was limitless.

As a very active individual, I like to network and seek part in various music and media platforms. I have performed at many concert halls both large and small in and around London, to name a few, The Royal Festival Hall, Fairfield Theatre, City Hall and extra activities with Thames festival, Tate Britain and The Kinetika Performing Arts Company.

My next show will be at the Anniversary to commemorate Martin Luther Kings's 50th anniversary "I Have a Dream" speech, which will be held in Trafalgar Square.

Having graduated less than a year ago in Music and Media Studies, my focus is to apply my knowledge and creativity wholly as a singer and writer, though I can't help be involved in all angles like branding, marketing, production and image, theme and such. This year I began working with a band and currently I am organizing the shoot of my next promo video, designing the flyers and promo kit for release of the album.

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