Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Shooting Beauty Abroad

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Have you ever dreamed of flying around the world as a high-class fashion photographer?

Shooting in palatial locations, creating awe-inspiring images with some of the world's most beautiful models and working alongside the industries top creative talent? Well, put down your textbook and dream no more.

Shooting Beauty Abroad, a London based fashion crew, will be descending on the Costa del Sol this summer, having created an alternative way to develop your skills as a photographer that doesn't involve classrooms or technical jargon. They believe in learning as you do and where better to learn then in luxury.

The principal is very simple. Creative minds in general, absorb more information while doing as opposed to reading about it. It's a left side of the brain thing! And learning from a highly skilled team with credits from Vogue to London Fashion Week ensures that what you're learning is progressive. Each day of this 3 days experience brings new challenges from a location editorial shoot to a sunset beach shoot - studying never sounded so good!

SBA cater to aspiring creatives as well as established freelancers and they'll provide all you need with as much or as little guidance as required to ensure that each budding freelancer walks away with hundreds of breath-taking images, a heightened sense of skill and a little extra colour on their cheeks. Every evening, the crew and clients will unwind with a meal, a few glasses of the local stuff and talk life, fashion and love until the batteries on the flashgun dwindle to empty. If this is the new way of learning, sign me up.

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