Monday, 28 July 2014

Bliss Studio Textiles showing at London Fashion week

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And the Lady said to thee... I'm half sick of chasing shadows".

September 13th 2014 , 2PM, The Grand Connaught Rooms, 61-65 Great Queen St, London WC2B 5DA. 

Linda Blissett is a London-based textile designer, specialising in niche items constructed from fabrics which she designs and hand weaves herself . She studied at Middlesex &Portsmouth Universities, graduating with a BA hons in Constructed Textiles and H.N.D Textiles for Fashion. In August 2013, she founded Bliss Studio Textiles which is currently based at Wimbledon Art Studios.

Linda is very excited to announce that she will be showcasing her new collection at the London Fashion week, via a stage fashion show and static exhibition. This will combine her weaves incorporated into accessories and garments. The collection has been inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites and seeks to build on the imagery of such mythic Arthurian heroines as Guinevere and Tennysonʼs Lady of Shalott, particularly as visually interpreted in Holman-Huntʼs painting. Linda finds particular inspiration in the feminine aspect of such archetypal myths. As Tennyson sought to draw together medieval myths, including notably that of Elaine of Astolat, in an allegory for his times, Linda seeks to create and celebrate a female consciousness from these roots that is fresh and relevant today.

Drawing from this imagery, Linda has assembled fabrics and yarns of a variety of textures, from fluid layered chiffon to floating silk and lace, and incorporating cotton and velvet. Her colour palette is drawn from the pre-Raphaelites to echo and enhance the natural vibrancy of the British Isles; from kingfisher blues, emerald greens, amethyst purple to slate, sea green and more Earthy hues.