Monday, 24 November 2014

Tatler Comes To A Screen Near You

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After nine months of filming and more than 450 hours of footage captured, the three-part documentary Posh People.

Inside Tatler will broadcast from Monday 24th November, 9pm on BBC2.

Kate Reardon, Editor of Tatler commented: "It was an extraordinary experience for the team to be under such scrutiny for so long and required a huge leap of faith. We are profoundly grateful that The Garden Productions created such a fair and entertaining representation of our working lives."

Going behind the scenes at Britain's oldest and most spirited magazine, and the first real 'social media' to exist, Posh People: Inside Tatler lifts the lid on the lives of society's most privileged, following the magazine's staff as they go about their daily duties, together with the cast of characters populating the pages of the magazine and website today. Reporting from the front row at London Fashion Week to toff-hunting in Scotland, featuring the finest jewellery, the most fun parties, and lots of animals, the second and third parts of Posh People: Inside Tatler will air on Monday 1st and 8th December.

In the first episode we meet Kate Reardon and her features team, and follow Matthew Bell, Tatler's newest editorial addition, during his first few months. The programme unveils Tatler putting together an issue, as well as following the magazine on shoots and key social events to meet the people they feature - from the Earl of Glasgow in his 13th-century Scottish castle, to Nigerian millionaire Kola Karim.

Produced by The Garden Productions, the company behind Inside Claridge's, Posh People: Inside Tatler was commissioned by BBC's head of documentaries Emma Willis. The programme was series produced for The Garden and BBC documentaries' Clare Paterson by Danny Horan, the Producer was Fozia Khan and the Director Barnaby Coughlin.

Posh People: Inside Tatler starts on Monday 24th November, 9pm on BBC2. Join the conversation using the hashtag #insidetatler. For further information, please contact Harriet Robertson, Melody Rayner or Richard Pickard in the Condé Nast press office on 020 7152 3388/3807/2474 or email