Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Crowdfunding Campaign Will Transform the Meaning of Up-Cycled Clothing

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 MIA by Mia Nisbet will revolutionize the wardrobes of bold fashionistas with its collection of exceptional and sustainable up-cycled clothing.
Today, MIA by Mia Nisbet is launching a crowdfunding campaign on kriticalmass to fund the expansion of its operations in Malawi and produce a new exciting up-cycled collection from quality waste textiles.

Mia's creations are an exciting fusion of African and Western styles. The label guarantees stunning originality with creative flair in an invitingly wearable outfit.

The unique and beautiful designs are combined with the brand's underlying ethical goals.

Mia is committed to creating sustainable collections that up-cycle quality waste textiles and thus help reduce more textile waste being sent to landfill. On top of this, the brand is dedicated to creating training programs and fair employment for local Malawian women and tailors.

With the donations from this crowdfunding project, MIA by Mia Nisbet will be better placed to make their most innovative and exciting collection to date. They will continue to help impact on our environment in a positive way and, importantly, they will be better placed to continue developing training programs and improve the quality of life of Malawian tailors through the creation of new sustainable jobs.

Among the many exciting rewards on offer during the crowdfunding campaign, people can find MIA's much sought-after 'African Printed Reversible Jacket', offered at a unique discounted price just for the campaign.

And, as an exclusive initiative linked to the crowdfunding campaign, Mia Nisbet is offering her supporters the opportunity to have their own unwanted or aged clothes up-cycled personally by the designer herself!

For those looking for great Christmas presents, you can receive your items by 19th December if you place your order by 10th December.

And if you love the collection but can't imagine wearing it yourself, MIA by Mia Nisbet also makes gorgeous up-cycled kids clothing!

ABOUT MIA by Mia Nisbet

MIA by Mia Nisbet was founded in 2008 by British designer Mia Nisbet-Chimwembe after her time spent in Malawi as a student. MIA observed how local citizens mixed the imported clothes with their traditional African fabrics. This eye-catching mixing of cultures became the basis for MIA's up-cycled collections.

After launching, MIA almost immediately attracted major awards. In particular: Winner of the prestigious Make Your Mark In Fashion Award 2008 for Ethical Fashion Design during London Fashion Week and also winner of the Ethical Fashion Forum Award 2009. Most recently MIA was announced as a Finalist in the Source Awards by the Ethical Fashion Forum in 2012.