Monday, 12 January 2015

Capturelove Headwear Hits Camden’s Collective 89 Pop-Up Boutique

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London's hippest hangout just got trendier with the arrival of Capturelove headwear into one of Camden's brand new pop-up boutiques.

Located in the ultra-trendy Camden Stables Market, Collective 89 is a creative marketplace outsourcing pop-up space to Britain's hottest up and coming designers.

Maria-Katharina Richters, founder of Capturelove Limited says, "My brand is all about capturing the ferocity of contemporary culture and transforming it into wearable headwear. I couldn't think of a better place to showcase my latest collection than at Collective 89, London's definitive mecca for the UK's most stylish shoppers."

Crowned by Time Out Magazine as 2014's "Best Shop in North London," Look Magazine's "Hot new wardrobe destination" and Closer Magazine's "Go-to for fashion-forward buys," Collective 89 has quickly emerged as one of the capital's undisputed hubs for cutting edge couture. Its prime position in the heart of London's anarchic fashion scene makes it the perfect retailer for Capturelove's latest collection.

Fronting Collective 89's Capturelove collection is the opulent and aesthetically arousing SweetLoveSensuous range. Inspired by a love of art, music and all things creative, Richters has embedded this collection with racy vibes and the thrill of luxurious beauty. For buyers on the search for a sexy yet laid back look the EasyCoolSwag range is just the ticket. With their bold colours, 'in-your-face' attitude and brazen swagger the line is not for faint hearted fashionistas. Stirred by mystery, humour and underlying meanings, the Nightflash collection gives wearers a chance to flaunt their inherent edginess. Featuring exquisite embroidery, eye-catching colours and novelty LED lights every piece is guaranteed to turn heads.

"This season's collections are more electrifying than ever and I can't wait to spot people flaunting them on the streets of London and beyond. Whether shoppers are on the search for a striking party piece that oozes up-to-the-minute glamour or an attention grabbing accessory to jazz up an everyday outfit, Capturelove caps are designed to delight," Richters added.

Self-described as a "collaborative space for creative and inspiring brands," Capturelove headwear embodies the spirit of the Collective 89 space. The brand will be showcased alongside four permanent brands, two pop-up fashion labels and two fellow accessory/shoe designers.

Prices range from £15 to £27 which make Capturelove caps an affordable addition to any contemporary wardrobe.

To find out more about Capturelove Limited and browse the collection of exclusive headwear, visit the website at: Capturelove

To find out more about Collective 89 visit the boutique's official Camden Stables Market page at: Collective 89

About Capturelove Limited: Established as a sister company to Tinkilove, Capturelove Limited retails exclusive designer caps. Founder Maria-Katharina Richters uses the brand as an outlet through which to pour her creativity and imaginative illustrations.

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