Thursday, 09 April 2015


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Time to take sustainable fashion and textiles to the next level!

This day introduces you to the psychological mechanisms behind Fast Fashion, the culmination of new technology, globalisation and capitalism over the last 15 years, analyses of these and seven effective Design Thinking tools for addressing Fast Fashion blindspots, illusions and myths.

The lecturer, Dr Emma Neuberg, is an award-winning researcher who trained at the Royal College of Art as a Textiles Institute Scholar (UK), a National Endowment of Science, Technology & the Arts' Creative Pioneer and a Sir Winston Churchill Lifetime Fellow for Industrial Production before setting up the pioneering social enterprise, the Slow Textiles Group.

The day falls into 3 parts to give a broad base from which to address the subject and learn to apply effective, new knowledge tools:

Part 1: How We Arrived at Fast Fashion

Learn how Group Psychology, Organizational Psychology and Behavioural Science inform fashion production, business, manufacturing and consumerism.

Part 2: How Polymers in Clothing Affect Us

Learn how high street retailers and luxury brands include materials in their collections that affect the hormonal systems of humans and other species and learn about the longterm implication of these.

Part 3: Dr Emma Neuberg's 7 Highly Effective Sustainable Design Thinking Systems

Discover Dr Neuberg's 7 Highly Effective Sustainable Design Thinking Systems and practise these with expert guidance.

Materials, refreshments and a Slow Textiles Infopack to help you discover more and develop your skills beyond the day are provided. Do remember to bring a USB stick with you just in case you need to take some digital files home!

You can also join us live online if you're not in London - it's easy as we use Google+ Hangout. We just call you up on your computer or iPad on the day (all you need is a Google+ account) and it's like interactive TV. Please email us your gmail address when you have it (see our contact link below).

This event is open to everyone at all levels!

More information about this event here: SFTD