Friday, 10 July 2015

Carry your heels in style with The Love Thy Heels bag

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High heels can be very inconvenient.

They're tricky (for most women!) to walk in, and they're also really difficult to carry.

Most are too large to fit into a handbag. Some are so heavy that they rip straight through plastic bags. And you usually end up having to grab whatever old shopping bag you have to hand because most of us don't even think about how we carry our beloved heels.

But have a stylish, practical solution when it comes to your shoes. Their range of bags are absolutely perfect to carry your heels in and will do no discredit to your outfit of choice either. The beige cotton material is incredibly light weight and comfortable to use as a shoulder bag and then easily fold into your handbag. Plus the fabric is durable, so there's no way your heels are going to fall out of these clever bags. The cute illustration on the side also adds a touch of glamour too.

What's more, with bags, you don't need to pile your heels awkwardly on top of each. Instead there is plenty of space to place them side by side within the bag, so scratches and marks are completely avoidable. What's not to love?

Moreover, symbolise a very strong message to women everywhere too. We should all literally, 'love our heels' when they're on our feet and also when we're having to transport them around - whether it be to and from the office, ready for a night out or as a special gift for someone. Plus most heels don't come cheap, so give them the extra care they need to last you a lifetime.

So next time you think about throwing your shoes into an old, creased Tesco bag - give your heels a little TLC and opt for!